Thursday, 12 September 2013


An exciting new Destination Management Plan was tonight (Thursday 12 April) adopted by Thanet District Council’s Cabinet to help Thanet to gain more benefit from the visitors it receives. 
The plan was created in consultation with stakeholders for the whole of Thanet to encourage partnership working to achieve its aims.  
The three priority areas identified were:
  • Beach management and development
  • Coastal regeneration
  • Telling our stories  
Key activities for these priority areas have been included in the plan with timescales for delivery, identified partners and stakeholders, milestones, resources and outcomes. 
The activities are focused on improving the visitor economy and encouraging investment in Thanet. It builds on current plans and activities and uses what’s unique about Thanet to make it stand out from the competition. 
New ways of working to achieve the aims of the plan will be driven by a partnership between the tourism industry and the public sector, where TDC will act as a catalyst, facilitator and partner. 
Cabinet member for Tourism, Cllr. Iris Johnston said: “I am delighted with the new Destination Management Plan. Tourism and the visitor economy is a priority for the council, as recognized by our Corporate Plan. The Destination Management Plan and activities will help to facilitate partnership working across sectors to achieve our agreed goals for the future of tourism in Thanet.” 
To find out more about the Destination Management Plan visit


  1. So the Irish demon and Poole the fool want to encourage partnership working and tourism do they. Surely the recent history of TDC disasters demonstrates beyond any doubt that they are totally incapable of reaching agreement about anything with anyone. This is yet another useless document produced for the sake of producing more and more useless documents all at our expense.

  2. Such is the nature of the beast, Paul, documents and soundbites are designed as vote catching and have little or nothing to do with action. Just to gauge how exciting it all is, take a look on the Thanet Labour site where one after another riveting post attracts not a single solitary comment, or at least one they are prepared to publish. Not saying it is unique to Labour, for such is the political game, but they are masters at it.

  3. Are you related to the infamous Barry James Paul? Your comments have as little worth, and would seem to share a comment irrelevance..

  4. That is for you to ponder John. You are of course such a super intelligent individual I am surprised you should even ask. Shame about your language. It does you no credit. How do you see 'partnership working' working? Who is going to do what?

  5. Or Sid James perhaps, but how about you John, are you related to Diddy David Hamilton? ; )

  6. Thank you for your comment James, I suspect that you are indeed kin, that would explain the low quality, and total lack of evidence when making your attacks, that would certainly seem to be a James family trait.

    The partnerships could work well, if the numbys, whiners and moaners are ignored as they should be.

    Sid James would be unlikely I feel Peter as Sid was clearly talented, something that clearly the James family in Thanet have ever had to deal with. David Hamilton, no Peter sadly not, though it would be nice to meet Lewis Hamilton sometime, I think I may have some of his gene's coursing my veins :)

  7. wow I have a relative in Thanet I never knew about. Maybe Paul we should get together thursday night and compare notes.
    As to Lewis Hamilton's genes coursing through your veins hammy I doubt it they would die in the acid that runs through your blood stream.

    BTW what is a numby?

  8. I am glad the Destination Management Plan has telling our stories as a priority. Perhaps the Chief Exec could write a fairy story or should it be a ferry story. Once upon a time.........and as the last ferry sailed over the horizon there was a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth as the hope of ever regaining £3.3 million also disappeared with it.

  9. I am glad to see stories are a priority, perhaps the Chief Exec could be persuaded to tell a fairy story. Once upon a time a good looking silver tongued ferry owner said if you let me come and use your port for nothing and make sure you keep it dredged by spending vast quantities of money I will continue to use your port until time catches up with me. It will be great for you because you can show all money I am not paying you as an income and arrange to spend it on all sorts of junkets and pointless reports , and you can buy lots of things that you wouldn't be able to do if I was not coming into your port. Because here is the really good part of the trick, if you don't tell anyone I am not giving you any money, I won't tell anyone either and so its a win win with both of us being so much better off. The local population looked at this fantastic person known as a 151 officer and knew that the money would be safe and there was no danger that the perfidious ferry boat owner could sail his ships away and not pay a bean. { well they would have done if it had not been such a big secret} that they gave her an additional job and was now Chief executive and 151 officer........... but as it wasn't her money and she didn't live in thanet she didn't really care.


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