Friday, 12 July 2013


The first meeting of the national People’s Assembly Against Austerity in Kent took place last week (Thursday July 4) in Broadstairs.

Over 140 people attended the meeting which was addressed by national figures in the People’s Assembly movement, including Jeremy Corbyn MP and Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party.

The speakers declared their opposition to cuts in public services and warned of the growing privatisation of the National Health Service.

One of the organisers of the meeting, Christine Tongue of Anti Cuts Thanet, said:  “Britain’s public services are under attack like they never have before. Now everyone must come together to fight back. This meeting marks the beginning of that fight back.”

“The cuts are justified in terms of the financial deficit, but this is nonsense. The government is using the financial crisis as an excuse to push through policies they wanted to adopt anyway. 

“The Welfare State was founded in 1945 when Britain was bankrupt after the war. People knew it was needed then and it’s still needed today.”

The meeting voted overwhelmingly to support a national demonstration to protect the NHS.

Another meeting to discuss local actions will be held on Tuesday August 6 at 7.30pm in the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs. More information from Christine Tongue on 01843 604 253. and 07989 070843.

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