Friday, 12 July 2013

Improved Recycling Service Coming to Thanet

Thanet District Council is improving its recycling collection service and will be sending leaflets to all residents this month to introduce the ‘Let’s Sort it Out, Together’ enhanced service.
Due to launch in the autumn, residents will be offered more recycling opportunities which will also help Thanet to meet Government targets. 
The improvements are part of a project involving the East Kent Partnership (Dover, Shepway, Canterbury and Thanet Councils) to save money collectively as part of Kent County Council’s commitment to increase recycling across the county. 
Recyclable materials are a reusable resource and as such can be sold or treated to create new products or energy streams. It is anticipated that Thanet District Council’s recycling rate, currently at 26%, will increase to at least 50% delivering significant savings to the taxpayer across the East Kent Partnership. 
A leaflet will be delivered to all residents from Friday 12th July, letting people know when the improved service will happen and what will be available. Pictures will show clearly what recycling bins, bags or boxes they will have and exactly what to put in them. 
Some residents will see the improvements come into effect from early September as an ‘first phase’ group and will be contacted directly to inform them of this, but most people will  receive the  improved service from early November.  
One of the main improvements will be the separate collection of food waste, which is then sent to an anaerobic digester, producing both high quality compost and methane – which can be used to generate electricity. 
Thanet District Council will give people all of the information they need ahead of the launch of the improved service. Road shows will be held across the district, information will be put through doors, published in local papers and made available on the council’s website on special pages to make it easy to find, plus an automated phone line will also be operated. 
Cabinet Member for Operational Services, Cllr. Alan Poole said: “The benefits of these improved services to residents and our local environment will be significant. We all have a responsibility to maintain our environment and the savings made from increasing recycling in Thanet will enable the council to continue to provide residents with a comprehensive service. 
“We realise that the improved service may take a bit of getting used to but we hope that residents will support the improvements and help us to Sort It Out, Together.”

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  1. Canterbury Council already collects all recyclable waste: plastic, plastic bottles etc etc. TDC need to get a wriggle on.

    The Public should put all plastic bottles into the clear glass recycling bins - let TDC and Veolia sort it from there.

    If food waste collection bins aren't provided within 30 days simply heap the food waste next to the recycling bins.

    Expensive civil servants doing very little need to improve.

    Councillors should detail how much waste goes to landfill or is burnt: both terrible for Climate Change.


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