Friday, 1 March 2013

Turner Contemporary hosts a free weekend festival: Words to be Spoken Aloud

Press release
Turner Contemporary hosts a free weekend festival of text inspired exhibitions and performance: Words to be Spoken Aloud
Friday 8
- Sunday 10 March

Curated by artists Ruth Beale and Nicole Bachmann Words to be Spoken Aloud brings together an array of performance, artworks and installations by established and emerging artists that explores the relationship between text and the spoken word.

Among the weekend highlights is Turner Prize nominee Fiona Banner’s new and previously unseen work 1066 (2013), an epic wall based-text to describe the Battle of Hastings. Glasgow based Sue Tompkins performs LL Bedrock (2012) a performance deriving from fragments of language gathered from everyday encounters.

On Saturday afternoon performances by Ruth Beale Performing Key Words (2013) and Anna Barham’s Slick Flection (2012) borrows its structure from the annotation of a tap dance. The tapping shoes resonate with the speech patterns of Barham’s voice creating a synchronised rhythm.
Louise Ashcroft, Nicole Bachmann, Anna Barham, Fionna Banner, Josie Bassett, Stefania Batoeva, Ruth Beale, Aine Belton, Anthony Burrill, Ben Cain, Lucy Condon, Toby HuddlestoneLucy Kelleher, Isabella Martin, Amelia Newton Whitelaw, Alun Rowlands, Peter Shenai, David Teager-Portman, Sue Tompkins, Margate Writers’ Squad.
Admission is free.

Words to be Spoken Aloud lineup includes:

Friday 8 March, 6-9pm

Amelia Newton Whitelaw
23 tapes were recently given to Newton Whitelaw by a relative. They are an audio archive of her late father’s struggle to pull back together a professional life after being sectioned. Using disjointed sentences taken from the tapes Newton Whitelaw’s performance attempts to create a transient reconnection.
Readings by local artists Lucy Kelleher, Lucy Condon, Aine Belton and Josie Bassett take place in the galleries.
666 6
666 6 (root/park) is a collaborative project between the artists Phil Root and EP Park involving non-linear narratives. Though the multimedia performance hinges around words, Words to be Spoken Aloud tries to layer a different approach to the idea of an alternate universe which is centred around the Tunguska event of 1908.

Further readings by artists Toby Huddlestone, Isabella Martin and Alun Rowlands.
Sue Tompkins
Glasgow born artist Sue Tompkins creates a performance of text, sound and installation deriving from fragments of language gathered from everyday encounters.
Saturday 9 March, 10am-6pm

Margate Writer's Squad
Run by writer Dean Atta, young people from our Writers’ Squad respond to the artists’ works featured in Words to be Spoken Aloud.

Performance is dependent on tide times.
Louise Ashcroft
On the beach in front of the Turner Contemporary Louise Ashcroft will write sea shanties and folk ‘work songs’ directly into Margate sands.
Ruth Beale
Ruth Beale presents a new live work Performing Keywords (2013) which enacts cultural theorist Raymond Williams' seminal book Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society. The performance has been constructed and performed with the participation of local residents.
Anna Barham
Anna Barham
performs Slick Flection (2012), which borrows its structure from the annotation of a tap dance. Through substitution of the dance steps with other syllables, words are formed and reordered in such a way that their meaning is dispersed in favour of the rhythms and percussive qualities of a voice and text. 
Sunday 10 March, 10am-6pm

11am, 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm       
David Teager-Portman
Fiddle Player, a Eulogy for the Family is a folk song reperformed for the first time since it was initially performed 100 years ago.
Performance is dependent on tide times.
Louise Ashcroft
See above
2pm – 3pm             
Peter Shenai
Peter Shena
i presents the installation erro, a symposium-like format of talks, text-materials and discussions.
Amelia Newton Whitelaw
See above
Alongside the weekend programmes the following artists will exhibit work across the gallery:

Nicole Bachmann

Nicole Bachmann, Stefania Batoeva, Anthony Burrill, Ben Cain, Fiona Banner
Clore Learning Studio

Fiona Banner, Anna Barham, Sue Tompkins, Amelia Newton Whitelaw, David Teager-Portman
Foyle Rooms

Peter Shenai
Ground Floor and Foyle Rooms

Supported by Wysing Arts Centre and Arts Council England

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