Sunday, 24 March 2013

THANET ISLAND DISCS with Clive Hart tonight

Thanet District Council Leader Clive Hart will be chatting informally with Academy FM's Howard Evans and choosing a session of the music for his Sunday evening show this weekend, on Sunday 24th March at 7pm.

Clive said "I'm sure it will be a very pleasant and light hearted session for me at Academy FM. I'm looking forward to a totally non-political chat with Howard and sharing some of my favourite sounds for a Sunday evening".

Sunday Night Live with Howard Evans transmits at 107.8 FM or online at


  1. Thats the kind of leader I like, one that has interests outside of council - Good honest fun!

  2. Some might say that leaders can have too much interest outside the council.

  3. Songs he may have chosen? I fought the law and the law won' by the clash? 'Our House' by Madness?
    'jailbreak' by Thin Lizzy 'You can't always get what you want' by the Rolling Stones,..

  4. Wrong leader, Clive is a good honest leader and the 'evil ones' can't handle that

  5. I think that was the point he was making.

    1. Clive Hart may be good and honest, and I am sure at least Cllr Mrs Hart thinks so, but leader he most definitely ain't, not even bedding store corporal material let alone officer commanding.


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