Sunday, 3 March 2013

Immigration Down By Almost a Third

Since May 2010 Conservatives have been working hard to bring immigration under control. We are reforming all the different routes of entry into the UK and the numbers are coming down as a result.
That's why I wanted to let you know about the latest encouraging figures just published by the Office for National Statistics:
Net immigration is down by almost a third since the general election - net immigration into the UK in the year ending June 2012 was 163,000, compared to 235,000 in June 2010 (the figures released just after the general election)
Visa numbers show that this trend is set to continue - the number of visas issued last year also went down, indicating that the downward trend of net immigration is set to continue
Sponsored student visas for UK universities have increased by 3% - showing that whilst we are ending the widespread abuse of student visas, we are still ensuring that our world-class universities can compete for overseas students
Today's figures show that we're cutting out abuse and making our immigration system much more robust.
We are putting a stop to the uncontrolled immigration we saw under the last Labour government and creating an immigration system which truly works in our national interest.
Theresa May
Home Secretary


  1. Ignore the spin.
    Yes its all down to the governments policies but more to to with their handling of the economy. UK is not the economic magnet it one was and its a well know stastic that people leave these shores to find work abroad and fewer come here when the grass is greener elsewhere when the economy is failing.

    1. Well long may it continue, 15:58, in fact, if you are right, let us hope the economy gets so bad that not only do no more come in, but most of those already here go home. Then maybe, we can get our country back and start rebuilding it again.

    2. Why, Peter? You might as well say we need more Australians on the assumption they are all like Rolf Harris. What we need is a population our small island and its services can sustain made up of decent folk who will integrate, respect its laws, traditions and culture and who will contribute to its future. As long as they do that it does not matter where they come from, but, if they are West Indians, let's hope they are very good at cricket and can help us beat the Aussies.

    3. Can we rendition Ren and Tom to Romania and ecourage more hard-working and younger Romanians to emigrate here? They're white, less stupid and pay their taxes?

    4. For all you know both Ren and I are white and pay taxes, whatever colour has to do with anything, and, when it comes to stupidity, your silly remark is hardly a gem of wit.


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