Friday, 8 March 2013

Planning application ‘Nemo’

Thanet District Council has received a planning application from National Grid Nemo Link Limited which proposes to connect the electricity systems of the UK and Belgium.
The proposed development, known as the Nemo link, includes the installation of onshore, underground and sub-sea cables between Pegwell Bay and the former Richborough Power Station site. It’s part of a 130km high voltage direct current (HVDC) electrical interconnector with an approximate capacity of 1000 megawatts (MW) extending from Zebrugge to Thanet.
The application also proposes the erection of a converter station and substation at the former Richborough Power Station site. Indicative details show the converter station would be up to 30.8 metres high with the substation measuring a maximum of 15 metres in height. The final details of appearance, layout and landscaping will be considered at a later stage.
As part of this application National Grid Nemo Link Ltd has prepared a detailed environmental statement which looks at the effects of this development on the environment.
Full details of the planning application and the environmental statement are available to view online at UK Planning, application reference F/TH/13/0144. This planning application is now open for public consultation until Friday 5 April.
The application comes as part of a wider proposal for the Richborough site, as the Nemo link requires a connection to the National Grid network. This would be proposed through a further planning application submitted to the Planning Inspectorate as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.
Plans for a ‘peaking plant’ have also been submitted to Dover District Council for the land at Richborough. This includes a bank of 53 diesel generators and four 35 metre high chimneys. The plant would be expected to run for up to 30 days a year when national energy demand is high or if there is a supply shortfall. As part of the peaking plant proposals, Thanet District Council has received a planning application for supporting road and landscaping infrastructure that would be needed to develop this site.
This application is also available to view online, reference number F/TH/12/1016, and is open for public consultation until Friday 29 March.


  1. Reject it. Yet another toxic planning application nodded through by the numpties at TDC.

  2. Accept it. With the shutting down of coal firing, near end of life for nuclear stations and intermittency of renewables, not many options left.

    Interesting fact in the planning proposal for the Peaking Facility was the quantity of diesel fuel used for 720 hours running per year. It worked out at 9,000,000 litres. 282 fuel tankers of 32,000 litres capacity. In the worst case if the facility was running continuously 1 tanker would keep the site running for 3 hours.


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