Monday, 25 March 2013

Best Energy Tarrif For All

Rising energy bills are a real problem for families across Thanet. For far too long the 'Big 6' energy companies have dictated the odds and people are often placed on a tariff which is completely unsuitable- and more expensive for them. The good news is that the Government is making some major changes that will directly help struggling families with their energy bills.

From this summer, energy companies will HAVE to make your energy bill clear and offer you the cheapest available tariff. Additionally, rather than having a huge range of different contracts for you to sift through, energy companies will not be allowed to offer more than 4 tariffs for each fuel. They will need to be completely straight with you and if they don't comply with regulations, they'll face a heavy fine.

We're not stopping there however. People lead busy lives and don't always have time to ring up their energ! y company to change to the better tariff offered. Lots of people may not even have time to read their bill properly. That's why the Government has put forward a new law that will require energy companies to put us all on the cheapest tariff automatically, unless we choose otherwise. This will mean that you will always be on the best tariff that your energy company offers.

Like any business, energy companies should be grateful for our custom and do everything to keep us. At long last, the balance of power is switching in our favour.

There were a few other top tips in the press this week that you can do now to help reduce your energy bills: 1) Shop around- check that you are getting the best available deal using an energy comparison website. Do consider switching supplier if there are better deals out there; you could save well over one hundred pounds. 2) Check that you are paying the best way- direct debit is often cheaper tha! n paying quarterly. 3) Use less unnecessary energy by switchin! g TVs an d chargers off at the mains rather than leaving them on standby. This saving can really add up over the year.

Finally, you may have heard about the Green Deal- a new Government scheme to help make your home warmer and  reduce your energy bills. It's definitely worth looking into and you can find out much more by or by calling 0300 123 1234.

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