Thursday, 27 December 2012


Thanet Swap Shop
There will be another free afternoon Swap Shop on Saturday 12th January at 60 High Street in Margate (opp KFC). Everyone is invited to come along with anything they want to swap.
Thanet in Transition, who are working towards a better future for us all, have organised the event and they will even serve up free tea and biscuits to all who attend.
Open from 2pm-4pm you are invited to take along toys, clothes, books and anything from the house and garden that you want to swap with the things that other people bring.
"We will all have some unwanted gifts after Christmas" said Rox Tesla, from The Streets Ahead Margate hub, who are donating the shop space. "And this is a good chance to trade for something more useful".
Thanet in Transition member Charlotte Wilson added "If we can find a good home for any unwanted items then nothing gets thrown away and wasted. All we ask is that you bring your own shopping bags".
Thanet in Transition is planning more events so that that people can get together to make it cheaper to live here, keep the money in Thanet and adapt to the changing climate - while having fun. If you would like to offer a central venue in Ramsgate or Broadstairs, for an event that brings in the community, please email or call Sue on 07855 257 776.
Thanet in Transition is part of a global Transition Movement that creates community-led activities to help achieve a 'soft-landing' to a real and sustainable future.


  1. Kent on Sunday newspaper: calls for Manston to be closed by Kent Greens and report into policing of live animal exports and EU ban at Ramsgate Port.

    A used airport and council to be swapped for something better in 2013?

    1. Well that's it then if Kent on Sunday, that massive media outlet, calls for it then the days of Manston must be numbered. I wonder of both of Kent's Greens supported this article?

    2. Or there's your opinion that manston is a success when it's bust again?

    3. Manston as an airport is neither a success or bust. It is currently running at a loss and the present owners are trying to sell it. If it were bust it would be in the hands of receivers which it is not. Please try to stick to facts, 5:26, rather than your own emotive fantasies.

    4. A petty procedural quibble 09:53. Manston's as bust as bust can be. So bust that Infratil want to sell it even before the KLM flights. With monitors removed and on the aquifer the surprise is that you still seem to be rooting for a dead duck that's polluted Thanet and your family.

      Infratil will no doubt thank you as they wave goodbye and leave you to clean it up Manston and cope with the cancer. You're unlikely to be able to do anything about either.

      The politicians and civil servants are keeping their heads down aren't they?

    5. Not rooting for anything, 13:06, but just feel that if you want to make a case you should stick to facts. Comet is bust, Manston is still trading - huge difference. As for all your other pollution allegations yet again, prove it. Produce some proper scientific report on what pollutants have been put into the system and by whom. Until you do you remain an unsubstantiated voice in the wilderness that most people, in or out of Thanet, will ignore.

    6. No 14:07 you've made the same procedural quibble. Manston is in its death throes as Comet was before the paperwork was signed to close it.

      If Infratil itself are selling Manston why do you think it's a success in any way shape or form? It's a shambles and a disaster.

      Proof on pollution: go get it yourself. Thor, the aquifer, MOD chemicals, run-off into Pegwell, SW sewage, air pollution, removal of monitors etc are all well-documented by Environment Agency etc. Where have you been all these years?

      Your view that there is no pollution is far more unsubstantiated if not idiotic - prove that the water supply etc are unpolluted. Anything. A Southern Water report. TDC. Anything other than your random blog hot air.

    7. 14:14, you are either incredible dense or simply cannot read. No where have I suggested Manston is a success, simply that, though trading at a loss, it is still going.

      You also seem to miss the point that it is you that keeps making these claims of pollution. All I, and several others over the months, maintain is that, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to come up with evidence to support YOUR case. It is not down to the rest of us to either prove of disprove your allegation.

      I do not know whether there is pollution or not. You say there is so is it unreasonable for your readers to ask for some facts. Otherwise it is you, not the rest of us, who is blowing hot air.


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