Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Thanet Councillor Welcomes Drugs Liberalisation Report

Independent Thanet District Councillor Ian Driver has welcomed the report of the Home Affairs Select Committee “Breaking the Cycle”  which calls on the Government to set up a Royal Commission into drugs policy and to  consider the liberalisation of drugs laws in England.
Said Driver “Everyone knows that the war on drugs is a lost cause.  In a time of austerity, we are wasting £billions of public money fighting a battle we can never win. Now at long last we are beginning to start having a sensible grown up debate about drugs policy. Liberalising drugs laws and decriminalising possession will save massive amounts of money which can be spent on drugs education,  medical treatment and research. Reviewing drugs laws and legalising cannabis will also help to reduce drug related crime and drive out organised criminal gangs from the drugs supply. This will have a massive and positive impact on crime and disorder problems in Thanet and across the town and cities of England and should be welcomed by everyone”.
Driver who admits to taking recreational drugs during his clubbing days said “ I have supported the decriminalisation of drugs and the legalisation of cannabis for many years now. The Report of the Home Affairs Select Committee shows that a growing number of politicians from the main parties and many scientists, academics and police officers, agree that it is time to start a serious discussion instead of  knee jerk prohibition”
“It’s not just in England that opinion is beginning to change, but worldwide with more and more leaders saying it’s time to reconsider drugs polices. I have been very impressed and influenced by the work of the “Break the Taboo” campaign   who are calling on the United Nations and Governments across the world to review their drugs policies. They have produced a brilliant film which can be seen at

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