Friday, 21 December 2012

Margate masterchef to support Food for Christmas campaign to feed the needy of Thanet.

MARGATE masterchef Dev Biswal has pledged to support
 Food for Christmas campaign to feed the needy of

The man behind award-winning Indian restaurant The
Ambrette has offered to supply food and cook for those going
hungry at the Cliftonville Community Centre.
Mr Biswal , who has featured regularly in the Michelin food
guides will provide cooked meals at the centre and supply
ingredients for the kitchen.

 I' ll be glad to help and do whatever we can to put
something back into the community."
The centre needs more donations to provide food parcels to get
the campaign under-nourished rough-sleepers and low-income families
through Christmas. 

Tinned food , rice and pasta are among the ideal donations
to provide square meals to get hungry homeless people over
the winter months.


Volunteers from the centre and St Paul ' s Church will serve
lunch as part of its annual Open Christmas for the most
vulnerable who can be forgotten during the holidays.
A festive meal and food parcels will be provided and we
hope you can spare a few tins or packets of food this Christmas.
With few places in sheltered accommodation and many
priced out of the private sector , the isle' s homeless sleep on
sofas or in inhospitable squats with no water or heating.

The Cliftonville Community Centre provides a lifeline with
free hot showers. , meals and laundry facilities for those in

To find out more or make a donation , pop into the centre in
St Paul' s Road off Edgar Road, call 07716 887378 or bring your
food donation to our offices at 3rd floor , Mill Lane House , Mill
Lane , Margate.

The Ambrette, 44 King Street, Margate Old Town, Kent CT9 1QE

T: 01843 231504  E: W:

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