Friday, 21 September 2012


An event to call for the protection of the NHS in Thanet is being held in Ramsgate Town Centre at 11.30am this Saturday September 22.

The event is being called by the Broadstairs based group Save Our Health Service in association with Thanet Trades Union Council and Anti-Cuts Thanet.

Christine Tongue of Save Our Health Service said: “There are increasing worries over cuts in services in QEQM hospital and the coming changes to GP practices and other health services across Thanet.”

She added: “This is a chance for people to come together and register their concerns.  We still don’t know how much will be cut in the services we rely on, but we know that there will be cuts. The less noise we make the deeper the cuts will be.

“The danger is that unless we stand up and be counted now, it will be too late.”

Christine won’t say exactly what will be happening on the day, but says it will involve a hospital bed.

More details ring Christine on 01843 604 253 


  1. Another attempt to sensationalise an issue to promote a personal socialist political agenda yet again. More and more transparant Christine.

  2. Another attempt to sensationalise an issue that to promote a personal socialist political agenda yet again. More and more transparant Christine.

  3. No idea what we are protesting about but we'll do it anyway...inside the mind of a compulsive protester...fascinating.

  4. Maybe it has something to do with the recent internal NHS study which revealed government plans to close 25 casualty departments across the country including the major trauma department at Margate which would be moved to Ashford.

  5. Considerations not plans, Shinguard. Cry wolf when the beast actually rears its ugly head not when the shepherd boy shouts for the lack of anything better to do.

  6. Brilliant support from Ramsgate. Many thanks to all who came.

  7. The shepard boy has not even cleared his throat!!! The only people making and noise are those who want to pretend they know better than the shepards, and who hate wolves, and want everyone to believe that the wolves are slaughtering everything with gay abandon, when in fact, they have turned vegetarian, and are seeking to make the sick, ill, starving sheep, who have been horribly abused and mismanaged by the wanna be shepards well again before they all starve to death!

    Just the wanna be shepards making all the noise, what is it they say about empty vessels..

  8. Occupy Thanet, you could invoke the wrath of the Diversity Champion if you go around slaughtering with gay anything. Think more carefully about your word choice in future lest you hear the dreaded cry from the TIGs, but not of "wolf", more "homophobe!"

  9. DAM, i used the word gay in a manner which may be seen by some as being not 100% positive! I MUST be homophobic! I shall immediately source a class on LGBT issues and how to relate that to a real world inclusive tolerant lifestyle, where everyone and everything is accepted as having equal merit at all times in all situation, no matter how inappropriate it may seem to the less enlightened homophobes out there who have yet to see the light of inclusivity!

    I apologise to anyone i have offended!


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