Monday, 10 September 2012


An emergency meeting is being held in Broadstairs on Wed September 12 to organise opposition to Government cuts in health and welfare spending.

Anti Cuts Thanet and the Thanet Trades Union Council have called the meeting amid growing concern over the impact of cuts in public spending on the Thanet area.

Christine Tongue, a founder member of Anti Cuts Thanet, said: “Thanet is a very poor area with many people who are critically depending on public spending. The coming Government cuts are going to hit them – and hit them harder than in other parts of the south east of England.

”In particular we’re worried about the future of the NHS in the area, both the services provided by GPs and by QEQM hospital. All these services are now in a state of flux and reorganisation – which in itself will undoubtedly be a way of cutting back on services.

“We’re holding the meeting to see how we can fight back against these cuts and try to protect ourselves against their damaging effects.”

The meeting will also be discussing transport arrangements to get as many people as possible from Thanet to the TUC rally which will take place in London on October 20.

The meeting is at 7pm, Wednesday 12th September in the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs CT10 2BT.

More info: ring Christine Tongue 01843 604 253,

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  1. More political posturing dressed as concern for the NHS.

    They seem to have a need to hold "emergency" meetings every 4 weeks or so, to try to drum up some panic with inaccurate sensationalist claims which when investigated hold no water.

    Perhaps time would be better spent promoting the undoubted benefits and attractions of Thanet, rather than trying to invent non issues in order to carry out thinly veiled promotion of political dogma.


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