Monday, 3 September 2012

Council Parking Review is driven by you!

Thanet District Council is launching a major review of parking provision across the district today (Monday 3 September).

As part of this review, local people, businesses and visitors are invited to take part in a public consultation to give their views on local parking facilities and to identify their priorities for parking in the future.

The survey, which can be completed online or by hard copy, includes questions on the type of parking people use and how satisfied they are with the facilities currently provided. It also asks how they think the service should pay for its running costs, where the money raised should be spent and whether they have taken up the free parking schemes in the area.

The feedback from this consultation will then be used, alongside other research on the parking service, to help draft a parking policy for the council. This will identify key priority areas and will be used to help shape how resources in the service are targeted in the future.

The council’s Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, Cllr. Alan Poole, said “We recognise that parking provision is a key issue for local residents, businesses and visitors. It’s a major part of ensuring the viability and success of town centre areas, keeping traffic flowing in Thanet and supporting our local neighbourhoods. It is also important to the council as the income raised supports not only parking provision, but also wider council services.

“By understanding how people park around Thanet, we hope we can create a policy which will reflect the needs of a range of people in the area whilst ensuring that our service delivers value for money. I’d like to encourage everyone who has a view to take part in the consultation, this is your chance to ensure our parking review is driven by you!”

To complete the survey online, go to
Hard copy surveys can be collected from Thanet Visitor Information Centre (in Droit House, Margate), Thanet’s Gateway Plus (Cecil Street, Margate), Ramsgate District Office (York Street) or from any Thanet library.

You can also request a copy by e-mailing or calling 01843 577470.
All surveys must be completed and returned by no later than Monday 15 October 2012 and can be sent back free of charge to Driven by you, FREEPOST SEA 8273, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Margate CT9 1XZ.


  1. And dont forget to answer the questions on what religion are you and your ethnic nationality.
    What idiots put those in a parking survey?

    1. All part of the PC nonsense introduced by the last Labour government. After all, we must ensure that parking spaces are being used in due proportion to the ethnic make up of the community. Can't have all white Anglicans hogging the lots now, can we? Presumably there must also be an allocation for the unqualified drivers and their untaxed, uninsured MOT failures which it is their human right to buy on arrival at Dover from their human rights handouts.

    2. PS Human Rights were also introduced by Labour but they do not apply to the indigenous population, you know, you folk that trace your ancestry back here hundreds of years.


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