Wednesday, 19 September 2012


More than 500 properties have been visited in Margate Central ward as part of the latest Operation Cleansweep.

Taking place on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 September, the multi-agency Cleansweep concentrated on the town’s Milton Avenue, Byron Avenue and St Peter’s Road.

One tonne of rubbish was removed from alleyways between the avenues by teams from Kent Probation Community Payback teams. And at some properties, the council’s private sector housing teams will be making follow-up enquiries to investigate waste accumulation problems.

As with many Cleansweep operations, KCC attendance officers were present, offering advice to parents and guardians not at school. Families who had not long been resident in the UK were also offered advice.

Kent Fire and Rescue representatives attended the Cleansweep, giving advice to residents in more than 50 properties. This resulted in arrangements to make follow-up calls to several properties.
Some residents were also offered advice by the council dog warden, and Kent Police investigated allegations of anti-social behaviour. And five cars were also reported as having no valid vehicle tax.

Thanet District Council’s Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, Cllr Alan Poole, said: “Operation Cleansweep has once again proved its worth by making a positive difference to the local community.
“Each and every Cleansweep has enabled the council and its partner agencies to tackle a whole array of different problems that can blight an area.”

He added: “But the Cleansweeps are not just about enforcement. They also give us the opportunity to offer advice and reassurance to residents, and make everyone’s quality of life that little bit better.” 

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