Friday, 14 September 2012



Thanet District Council has launched its draft consultation document for local economic growth.
Entitled ‘Setting the Direction for Economic Growth in Thanet’, the 24-page publication comprises Phase One of the council’s three-phase approach to developing the local economy.
Phase Two will build upon feedback from the first phase and influence the dialogue of all those engaged in economic growth. Phase Three will bring together all strands of employment expertise to produce a shared delivery plan which will help unlock growth and prosperity.
Support for the visitor economy and green industries form pivotal points in the initial, Phase One document, which highlights the success of Ramsgate as a centre for offshore wind energy. Businesses are also set to receive support in developing skills and knowledge to develop and hire new staff.
The Phase One document recognises the nature of the Thanet economy and sets out a strategic vision for developing the area’s potential.
Statistical information – such as population and age figures – set the backdrop for the document. This information is further complemented by details of Thanet’s natural and historical assets – including the area’s maritime heritage.
All areas of economic activity are covered by the document – including health, arts, construction, financial and scientific – among others. And there is particular reference made to the ‘green’ economy.
Other factors, such as gross weekly wages, housing and unemployment are also covered.
The document outlines the areas of the economy in most need of support, and also identifies employment sectors where growth is expected in future.
Leader of the council, Cllr Clive Hart, said: “Thanet’s local economy is driven by many complex factors, and there are often strong links between seemingly disparate sectors. Therefore our approach to economic growth is phased, because that enables us to develop economic growth through an intelligent methodology.
“This phase one document is a firm basis for discussion but not the completed strategy.”
He added: “Our aim is to have the most inclusive process possible and thereby to produce the very best strategy possible. We are a genuinely inclusive administration and we want to encourage contributions from all stakeholders to inform our process.”
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  1. Another pseudo-TDC unelected quango and talking shop.

    SEEDA, as was, did little so why the Chair?

    Who appointed these people and created the priorities before they've even met?

    And what are the costs for duplicating TDC's work?

  2. Hope the Labour Group and their TIG Management will now support the Airport which is an obvious Regeneration opportunity

  3. Except Manston has gone bust again 10:57, and is on the water supply. Even removing the monitors and £20M for 20 jobs couldn't make it work.

    1. If Manston were incorprated in an overall airport strategy for South East England it would not be bust. In any case, it would only be bust if Infratil had gone into administration and, in facr, all they are doing is selling the place.

      As for the water supply, check your facts. Most of Thanet's domestic water is pumped in from outside Thanet and not drawn from any local aquifer.

      Presumably your MacMillian nurse has let you back on the PC again.

    2. Manston is bust then it's not bust you say? So it's being sold because it's a wonderful success?

      And water's pumped into Thanet - because the aquifer is polluted. As you'd expect with some numpty putting the airport on top of it.

      And you haven't mentioned the Manston monitors being removed, or £20M of tax-funds for 20 jobs.

      You haven't got a clue have you.

    3. I probably have a lot more of a clue than you and I am not totally bigotted with my record stuck in the groove. Infratil are selling Manston because it is not working for them, but that is not to say it could not be a success if incorporated in an overall airport strategy for the South East.

      The aquifer is under the whole Thames basin, not just Manston, and I did not mention the removal of monitors because that was not the point I was making anymore than I made any mentioned of tax funds for jobs. If you are going to respond please do pay attention to what you are responding to.


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