Wednesday, 21 September 2011


A major sewer break identified, abusive graffiti cleaned up, sites cleared of rubbish and property owners warned to clean up their act – just some of the successes from the council’s latest Cleansweep.

The council led operation included officers from the council’s Enforcement Services and Private Sector Housing as well as Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Community Payback, Pipeline Youth volunteers, UK Border Agency and the Educational Welfare team and wardens from Kent County Council.

The operation was carried out in Cliftonville and Ramsgate last week (Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 September) and saw a range of inspections in residential and commercial properties, with known problem areas targeted for a clean-up.

Volunteers from Pipeline cleared up four large alleyways, while property owners of eight sites were made to clear up rubbish on their land. Another seven owners were handed notices under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, which warns them to clear up rubbish or face further action.

The operation also identified a major sewer break, which has been reported to Southern Water, while abusive graffiti was cleared from two properties. Six trade waste notices were checked and parking tickets were handed out to several drivers.

Around 20 children were also spoken to, eight of whom were not placed in a school, which will be investigated further by Kent County Council’s Educational Welfare team.

The sweep identified five properties without fire protection and one badly corroded fire escape, with Kent Fire and Rescue Service planning to take further action. Several potholes were also reported to Kent County Council’s Highways Department.

Cllr. Chris Wells, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “Cleansweep continues to bring results, some of them surprising, as I don’t think any of our officers expected to find a problem with a major sewer while they were out on their inspections! That’s certainly a new result for Cleansweep. I hope this also sends out a firm warning to those property owners with rubbish on their land. As well as getting some to clean up their act on the day, others have been hit with notices, demanding they take action. It’s something our residents aren’t prepared to tolerate and neither is the council.”

For more information or to report any concerns, please call 01843 577065.

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