Friday, 9 September 2011

Illegal Advertising Success

A crackdown to tackle the problem of illegal advertising in Thanet is
attracting attention in other parts of Kent. 

The ongoing initiative was launched by Thanet District Council in July
following complaints from residents and aims to deal with posters
advertising businesses, as they can only advertise what they do on their
own premises. To advertise anywhere else, consent is needed from the
council, even if the business has the approval of the land owner. 

Since it started, the vast majority of posters that have been taken
down have not gone back up. The council has also seen an increase in the
number of calls from businesses, checking on the legal position. 

Cllr. Simon Moores, who’s the Cabinet Member in charge of the
campaign, is delighted with the results to date. “It’s been a great
success and has achieved exactly what we wanted. It’s highlighted the
problem and made people think about what is legal and what isn’t. We
want businesses to think carefully and, if needs be, check the situation
with the council, rather than just sticking up posters illegally all
over the area.”

The crackdown is also being looked at by neighbouring councils in East
Kent, who are considering doing something similar. Thanet has also been
contacted by Kent County Council, who have seen the media coverage and
were impressed with what was being tried out. 

The campaign has also targeted the problem of putting vehicles in the
same position at the side of roads for long periods of time to advertise
businesses, which can be classed as anti-social behaviour. As a result
of the publicity to date, some of the vehicles have now been moved off
the road. 

Cllr. Moores added: “I know, from talking to people who had vehicles
parked near their properties, that they’ll be delighted to see some of
these vehicles disappearing, as they were finding them a real nuisance.
Not only are they being parked in the same spot for long periods of
time, which is anti-social behaviour, they can also endanger road
safety. For example, they can block people’s views when they are
trying to negotiate junctions. That’s why we’ve also been targeting
this problem.” 

1 comment:

  1. I like to see useful posters around telling us useful things, like when the circus is coming to Town, open days and amateur theatre shows.
    BUT too much really makes the area look a mess.

    I think they also need to keep on top of those notice boards that appear outside peoples homes. Those which tell us XXX did the block paving, XXX did the windows, and XXX did the brickwork.
    I don't even want to see TARA did the plumbing & heating.

    There are strict rules and I'm pretty sure you are only allowed 1 estate agent board AND when they are letting agencies they shouldn't keep the board up after the property has been let.

    I must add I know the council does take action on these boards because I havve been in contact with TDC on the matter several times over the years.


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