Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Construction work for a landmark flood and coast protection scheme for Margate Seafront is due to begin in October 2011. 

This major scheme for Margate will involve strengthening of the Harbour Arm and the installation of a new sea wall on Marine Drive and the Parade.  The most notable feature of the scheme will be a new defence structure around the Kings Steps area consisting of a series of wide steps from the beach to the promenade to reduce the impact of waves during storms.

Due to the scale of the work, the construction site will be quite large and some local disruption is likely.  A planned schedule of work has been drafted to ensure that local business and residents are aware of the impact, which will affect pedestrian access, the provision of public parking and deliveries for local businesses along Marine Drive. 

The scheme has been designed to tackle a serious problem for Margate, as the potential cost of damage caused by flooding in the town has been estimated to be around £65 million, with 476 properties in the Old Town area potentially at risk.

Cllr. Simon Moores, Cabinet Member for Customer Services and Regulatory Services, said: “This landmark scheme for Margate will provide major improvement and protection to the town.  As Margate is a flood risk area, the improved coastal defences will reduce the likelihood of tidal flooding in Margate for the next 50 years.  The sheer scale of what we’re doing here however will mean that some level of disruption will occur.  We need to ensure that businesses and residents in the area are fully aware of what is planned to ensure that any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.”

Impacts during construction:
  • Closure of the pavement on the seaward side of Marine Drive and some of the Parade. Although some of this pavement at the Clocktower end of Marine Drive will be reopened as and when work is completed. 
  • Closure of the Harbour Arm from late October until March 2012.
  • The road will generally remain open in both directions for the duration of the work, but both lanes of the road will be narrowed and moved landwards slightly whilst the work is ongoing.
  • The charged parking bays along the landward side of Marine Drive will be unavailable for the whole duration of the work.
  • Alternative provision for businesses along Marine Drive for deliveries will be made.  This is likely to be via the installation of a temporary communal loading bay.

Key facts about the scheme:
  • The first phase of the work, which focused on the defences near to the Turner Contemporary, was completed in March this year.
  • The total cost of the project is just over £6 million and is being entirely funded by the Environment Agency.
  • The risk of flooding for properties in the Old Town area reduced from a one in 20 year event to a one in 200 year event.
  • For more information on the scheme, please go to You can also e-mail or call 01843 577083.
  • Click here for the planning schedule which outlines the timing of each stage of construction.

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