Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Scheme at Newby's Place approved

Plans to build two semi-detached homes in the centre of Margate have been approved by Thanet District Council’s Planning Committee.

The scheme for the former garages at Newby’s Place was approved at last week’s Planning Committee (Wednesday 19 January), after members of the committee went on a site visit to see the issues for themselves.

Members decided to go to the site, after hearing objections to the plans from the nearby Beeping Bush gallery. They said that the building would be overbearing and would result in a loss of light to their business.

Members had already been told that planning permission was originally granted in 2005 for a pair of semi-detached houses on the site. However, after it was approved, it became clear that the scheme could not be implemented, as part of the building would overhang the highway and was therefore not within the site boundary.

The proposal that was approved is similar to the previous 2005 application, but the design of the building has been changed, so that it no longer hangs over the highway.

One of the major issues considered at the meeting was the impact on the amount of light entering the neighbouring property, which houses Beeping Bush. Members heard that, when the previous planning application came in, this issue had been looked at and it was concluded that there would be no significant impact which would justify refusal of that application.

Following a request from the Local Government Ombudsman, an independent light survey was carried out to assess the impact of the development, particularly on the art gallery. That report concluded that the proposed development would have “a very minor effect” on the skylight and sunlight available to the studio.

Cllr. Ken Gregory, Chairman of the Planning Committee, said: “Members were made aware that there were concerns from Beeping Bush about the loss of light to their property. To assess that, before making a decision on the planning application, we visited the site for ourselves, so that we could have a full understanding of the issues.”

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