Friday, 24 September 2010


Over 10,000 dog waste bags have already been given out to local businesses and community venues who have agreed to support the ‘Lily Loves’ anti litter campaign.

Nearly 25 local businesses and community venues across Thanet from Minster to Margate have offered to give out free dog waste and rubbish bags upon request and to display the ‘Lily loves’ posters as part of the campaign.

‘Lily loves’ is a campaign starring an eight year old girl, Lily Manclark, from Margate who contacted the council after noticing the litter on her local beach and is now working with the council to encourage people to play their part in keeping Thanet clean.

The campaign features Lily, her family and council staff on the area’s beaches and in parks and towns and encourages people to use the bins provided or ask for extra litter or dog waste bags if they need them for a number of local venues.

Thanet Council’s community wardens have been visiting towns and villages in Thanet asking local businesses and community venues if they would support the campaign. In the first week, 24 venues have agreed to help support the campaign, by giving out free litter and dog waste bags on request and many more businesses are displaying posters.

Kent County Council wardens have also agreed to help and will be visiting a range of areas in Thanet including Westgate, Birchington and St Nicholas at Wade from next week (wc 20 September).

Cllr. Martin Wise, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “Thanet really is a beautiful place and we really work hard to keep the area clean and tidy. But it is an ongoing battle to keep the area tidy, which is largely down to a small minority of people who don’t care about where they live. I’m so pleased that so many businesses and community venues are supporting our anti litter campaign. I just hope that when people see Lily in the posters that they will think twice about dropping litter and will use the bins provided or take their rubbish home with them. We spend most of the council’s budget on keeping the area clean but if we could encourage everybody to use the bins provided, pick up after their dogs and put their rubbish out on the right day – then it really would be a much cleaner place to live and we would have more money to reinvest into the area for things like play areas or grants for new businesses. ”

To request a Lily Loves anti litter campaign pack (which includes posters, window size and supply of litter and dog waste bags) please call 01843 577169, email To find out more about the campaign, visit

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