Monday, 27 September 2010


Over 500 users of the park have signed a petition opposing the recent planning approval given to Margate Football Club for a full sized fenced in astro turf football pitch joined onto the rarely used 5 a side pitches.

The total area from which the public would be excluded would be approximately 250 x 90 metres and access could only be achieved between Tivoli and Hartsdown by walking around the development.

All who have been made aware of the proposal have been surprised at the lack of publicity before planning was approved and have questioned why another enclosed pitch is to be built on public land when the 5 a side pitches are rarely used

‘The Friends’ consider every section of the park should be open to all. The marked out football pitches for the local league matches; the other areas for football practice with their own equipment; the whole of the park for children,both independent and from the nursery school and the dog walkers providing they pick up their poo!

If you agree a public park should be retained as an open space and not developed to benefit a few to the disadvantage of many please email ‘We object to the Hartsdown Development’ and give name and address.

More information can be found on UKPlanning Hartsdown Road 0115


  1. May I remind you Michael that Margate Football Club serves the 57000 residents of Margate and elsewhere and not "a few" as you put it.
    Whilst I can understand certain local residents concerns, they must understand that Margate Football Club needs to develop it's current stadium.

  2. Jeremy I think you may be confusing this blog for my own utterances, I just get the press releases from other people and organisations and publish them here.

    Having said that this is a subject I have posted about see if you expand the plan (click and click again) there you will see that the football club are asking to expand outside of the club area and onto a public park in a way that seems to be ill thought out and fragments the park

  3. Given that full planning permission has been granted, what exactly can be achieved? As I understand it the football club have exchanged heads of terms with a hotel operator and are negotiating with building contractors.

  4. 'Friends of Hartddown Park' saidAnonymous

  5. Margate Football Club may wish to develop the Stadium but in our opinion they should not be able to take public parkland to do so. The Council may have given planning permission for the enclosed pitch but they still have to agree to lease the land and this is what we are fighting against as we consider planning was given without proper consultation. We are not opposing the hotel development as this was a completely different planning application from the enclosed football pitch.

  6. That seems slightly odd, FoHP. You are not opposing the hotel, but are opposing the enclosed pitch? At least that maintains a sporting use for that part of the park, and the pitch and put area is not well used. I would have thought people would have been up in arms about the hotel.

  7. Mr Jacobs - if 57,000 residents of Margate are served by Margate Football Club then surely the same figure are served by Hartsdown Park? As a local resident I do not have to understand why the stadium needs extending, I just know that it shouldn't be on our parkland. Your tone suggested that the FoHP did not have the mental capacity that you and the council have to understand the situation. Slightly insulting I would suggest. I think that they understand completley well and are fed up with things happening in Thanet which only the chosen few are privy to until it is too late to change.

  8. Oh, like the Turner centre when al least 70% of thanets residents voiced their opinions AGAINST it. Steam rolled through that was I believe REGARDLESS of the public view.


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