Friday, 24 September 2010


In response to tonight's TDC Conservative Cabinet final decision to gift the current green open space in Dalby Square to developers:
"At the Extraordinary Overview and Scrutiny Panel of 8th September the Director of Regeneration agreed with the Scrutiny Chairman when he suggested that it was not unusual to develop a housing site and still allocate part of the development site for open space purposes.We entirely agree with the Scrutiny Chairman and Director of Planning Services. For ten years residents have called for part of the development site for open space purposes, for over seven years ward councillors have called for part of the development site for open space purposes, TDC's own asset management process of 2008 proposed part of the development site for open space purposes.
However, the current Conservative administration, under the direction of Cllr Wells - the Cabinet Housing Member responsible, chose to ignore all that advice and allowed architects to produce a plan that built on every square meter of land, with no landscaping or green space whatsoever.
We support the Renewal Area and gladly welcome the newly created Task Force, but both are doomed to failure unless the kinds of attitudes towards the things that really matter are changed. Our residents deserve much, much more".
Cllr Linda Aldred Cllr Doug Clark JP Cllr Clive HartWorking together for Cliftonville West
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