Monday, 17 October 2011


A sensational new comedy spotlighting arson and corruption in high places opens in Broadstairs this Wednesday, 19th October.

Called “Gangsters In Thanet,” the play begins with a secret meeting between a property developer and a local politician at a seaside restaurant.

A dead body is found on the premises, triggering a series of sensational revelations about dodgy deals, corruption and gangsters who use arson in property development.   

The play is a purely fictional, comic romp, according to its writer Mr Norman Thomas, but inspired by real events.

“Thanet has a long history of  important properties being mysteriously burnt down, “ Mr Thomas said, “and these burnings-down almost always turn out to be highly convenient for some people.”

He added: “These things are difficult to prove, but many people know they’re going on, and believe that local politicians are involved, too. I hope we can now at least bring the whole thing out into the open.”

Mr Thomas has been researching the subject since he first came to Thanet in 1991. “I saw my first gangsters in Ramsgate not long after arriving here – they looked like gangsters, they talked like gangsters. I could hardly believe it.”

He intends to follow the play up with a film about the area’s longstanding underworld connections. 

He said: “Thanet has a long history of gangsters and corruption which goes back to the smuggling gangs of old, but the gangsters of today see the real money is to be made out of property development – and they’ll stop at nothing to get their way.”

The play opens on Wednesday October 19th and runs until Sunday October 23rd at 7.30pm at the Red Hall, Grosvenor Road Broadstairs. Booking is advisable – telephone 01843 604253

For more details telephone Christine Tongue on 01843 604253 or email Pictures attached: please credit Bill Harris.

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