Wednesday, 19 October 2011


The next meeting of the Consultative Committee will be held on Friday 21st October 2011 at 7pm at Kent International Airport, Manston.

Members of the public are invited to attend this meeting and will have the opportunity to ask questions after the business of the Committee has been dealt with.

Hear from Thanet Council and the CEO of the Airport. Hear about the work of KIACC. Make your views known.

Agendas will be available at the meeting.

The Constitution of KIACC provides for one meeting a year at which the public can attend. In recent years, in keeping with our wish to provide a public forum for discussion on airport issues, the Chairman has extended this provision so that the public can not only attend but have the opportunity to speak. So far nobody has objected to this commonsense approach!

After the formal business of the meeting there will be ample opportunity for members of the public to ask questions and make suggestions (but not, please, long speeches). It would be helpful in making best use of time if people with specific questions could let us have them in advance so that they can be grouped together - suggestions to And if they are not reached they can be passed on to the appropriate quarter for a response.

We look forward to seeing you.


  1. Chairman's welcome & opening
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Short presentations from Community Fund recipients
  5. Report from the Airport Management (Charles Buchanan, CEO Manston Airport)
  6. The Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Bayford has been invited to address the meeting at this point
  7. Opportunity for comments from the Public

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