Friday, 7 October 2011


New figures show voters in Thanet could have saved the council just over £4,000 just by completing their registration forms online or over the phone.

To date, around 33,000 completed registration forms have been returned to the council, but of these, 18,000 contained no changes.  People with no changes to make to their forms could have notified the council either by using the Internet or by calling a freephone number, which would have saved the cost of posting the form back. To date, that figure is £4,320.

Anyone who has yet to respond can also help keep the council’s costs down by ensuring that they act now. Reminders have already been sent to these properties and canvassers will be sent out to knock on doors from the middle of October, where no response has yet been received.

Electoral registration forms need to be returned via post if you need to add or remove people or can be confirmed via freephone or online if there are no changes. This will ensure you remain registered from 1 December, so you can have your voice heard in the Police and Crime Commissioners elections later next year and any other elections that may be called.

If you haven’t received your form, you can contact the council’s Electoral Services team on 01843 577500. On your electoral registration form, you can opt to have your details excluded from the edited register. This means your details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations. You can also choose to opt out if you reply by phone or online. 

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