Friday, 29 June 2012

Young games makers at Margate Masters

A team of Young Games Makers (YGMs) from London Youth Games will be arriving at Margate Masters beach volleyball event on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 July.

Comprising 14 YGMs and two team leaders, the group will be using Margate Masters as training for the London Olympic Games.

More than 2,000 young people aged between 16 to 18 years old will be at the Olympics as YGMs. Divided into 250 teams, the Olympic YGMs will carry out a host of duties, including distributing official results sheets and carrying athletes’ kit.

By practising at Margate Masters, the YGMs will gain invaluable experience which they will apply at the Olympics.

Margate Masters is organised by Thanet District Council’s Sports Matters team and sponsored by Hornby plc, and is seen as one of the most prestigious beach volleyball events in the country.

Council Sports Development Officer, Colin Rouse, said: “When LOCOG approached us about using Margate Masters as a training venue for the YGMs, we were very happy to help.

“Margate Masters is a superb event, and one where the YGMs can gain essential practice at a high level.  This will give them invaluable confidence and equip them well for London 2012. I’m also sure that the YGMs will take home many happy memories of their time in Margate.”

Margate Masters begins on Friday 6 July with a schools competition, which will see schools from across Kent taking part, giving local young people the chance to play in the main arena. The elite competition then gets underway on Saturday 7 July, with the finals on Sunday 8 July.  

For more information about this free family friendly event please visit or go to

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Clllrs Ian Diver and Mike Harrison, meeting statement to Group

At a meeting with Cllr Hart today ( Monday) Clllrs Ian Diver and Mike Harrison, resolved their differences and agreed to work together to ensure an effective scrutiny process and for the benefit of the wider Thanet Community.

In a joint statement they said,
“ At a time when all residents are under a relentless attack from the most reactionary Government this country has ever seen it is essential that left thinking politicians come together to resist the damaging effects these attacks are having on our communities. We have therefore set aside our differences to work towards this common aim.
We will be making no further comments on this issue as we now regard it as closed.”

Ian Driver.                          Mike Harrison.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Exploring the potential of wave and tidal energy was the focus of a workshop held at the Pegwell Bay Hotel, Ramsgate last Friday (22 June).
Hosted by Thanet District Council, the workshop was part of the PATCH (Ports Adapting to Change) project, a four year €9.5m scheme between the ports of Oostende, Zeebrugge, Ramsgate, Portsmouth, Newhaven, Calais, Zeeland and East Sussex County Council.
The project aims at giving small and medium sized ports in the Channel area and the Southern North Sea additional capacity to make changes and be open to innovation and entrepreneurship.
The workshop featured key speakers who discussed what blue energy is and what the barriers and opportunities are to commercial wave and tidal energy development for European ports in the long term.
Developing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the blue energy industry was also a hot topic. John Parsons from Thanet College’s Centre for Environmental Technologies discussed how the college has now developed specific courses to enable young people to get and effective training for future employment in this industry. 
Mark Seed, Director of Operational Services for Thanet District Council, said: “The event was a huge success and enabled in-depth discussions from partners across the UK and Europe about how blue energy development could work. 
“The council has a vision for a sustainable future and is keen to look at all emerging opportunities to invest in renewable energy. We are very interested in opportunities that will ensure clean, free electricity and commercial value to the port, but that are also beneficial for the local residents and to the environment.
“The Port of Ramsgate is very optimistic about the opportunities that the tidal and wave sector can bring as we have the short-based infrastructure already in place. With the London Array, Kentish Flat and Thanet Offshore Windfarms already constructed, the connectivity needed for tidal and wave is already in place.
“The opening of the London Array offshore Windfarm in 2010 was the first step in this direction and this workshop has helped us increase our knowledge of technologies and devices for zero emissions from natural source of power.”
Wim Stubbe, AGHO’s Business Development Manager and PATCH Project Leader, said: “Ports will play a significant role in delivering the EU Renewable Energy Policy objectives for 2020 and beyond.
“Through the PATCH project and a number of diverse demonstration pilots and workshops we have been working to allow our small and medium sized ports to become more energy efficient.
“Jointly debating the pros and cons of experimental wave farms and the results of tests on tidal energy generators with experts from the sector can help us to better plan towards reaching this ambitious goal”.

Monday, 25 June 2012


Whether you’re young, old, a school leaver or an experienced individual in search of a new job, Thanet’s first ever MP’s Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair could be just what you need to land a new role or climb the first rung of the careers ladder. On Tuesday 26th June, 10am – 3pm, at The Winter Gardens in Margate, Chris Grayling MP, Minister for Employment, will be opening Thanet’s first ever MPs’ Jobs and Apprenticeships fair.
With over 50 stands, whether you are interested in a career in engineering or marketing, retail or finance, we have something for everyone! For one day, The Winter Gardens will transform into Jobs ‘R’ Us; we have literally hundreds of jobs on offer- and all under one roof!
We cannot ignore that unemployment is a real concern for us in Thanet; it is after all what made us want to do something specifically for jobseekers in the first place. However people have really been welcoming the idea and saying that they’re pleased to see local representatives taking some practical action and doing something positive to tackle the problem.
I have been encouraging our local businesses to take on an apprentice and last July, I even took on one myself. It’s been a great year adn it has been of benefit to us both. With this in mind, I will also be at the fair with my own stand, hopefully helping another young person get their foot on that first rung of the career ladder.
We have organised over 50 stands for businesses ranging from small independent businesses to some of the biggest high street names. Pfizer and Thanet Leisureforce have kindly sponsored the event and will be on-hand offering jobs and apprenticeships. We also have free CV writing and interview skill workshops advice for those interested in turning a great idea in a business. Whether you are looking for a job or know someone who is, everyone is welcome on the day and entry is completely free. Why not come along and join us and see whether you can find your next job! For more information on the jobs fair please contact me at:


Thanet has been awarded more than £4m as part of a national government scheme designed to tackle the problem of empty homes in England.
 Launched by the government last November, the £60m ‘Cluster of Empty Homes Fund’ is intended to tackle concentrations of poor quality, empty homes in low demand areas. The fund was open to all local authorities who could demonstrate the practical benefits of such support for their area.
 Thanet District Council submitted a funding bid for parts of Cliftonville West and Central Margate wards, with the aim of bringing 160 housing units back into use.
 The council has now been informed that it will receive £4,130, 923 – money that will be used to buy empty properties from owners. Depending upon the condition of the property and the circumstances, some will be demolished while others will be redeveloped, refurbished or converted.
 Some properties will be converted into well-designed affordable social housing to families, with a reduction in the current density of homes. Others could be sold or let to those working in the creative sector, enabling artisans to live and work in dwellings.
 Cash from the Cluster of Empty Homes Fund will help in the council’s overall regeneration strategy for Cliftonville West and Central Margate. Many properties in the wards are run-down, and this has an impact on the quality-of-life and wellbeing of many residents.
 Director for Community Services, Madeline Homer said: “Cliftonville West and Central Margate have been highlighted as areas with high levels of poor quality housing and deprivation, and this is something the council is determined to tackle.
 “Therefore, it’s wonderful news that we’ve secured more than £4m of government funding to help to regenerate the area. Empty properties can have a significantly negative impact on the environment – particularly if whole streets are affected.
 “We’re confident that we’ll be able to use this funding to make a significant difference that will have a real and meaningful impact on many people’s lives both socially and economically.”
 The council will now be working closely with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to work on a plan of action following the funding announcement. 


Thanet residents seeking to improve their health and wellbeing are being invited to Thanet’s Gateway Plus, Margate, where the NHS Health Trainers team will be on hand to offer advice.
 Taking place on Friday 13 July, the ‘Healthy Living Event’ day follows a similar initiative launched last December.  Like the winter event, a variety of health advisors will be on hand from 10am to 2pm, offering support and information to people who wish to change their lives. 
 Local people who attend will be able to receive advice and further access to support on an array of subjects, including emotional wellbeing, exercise and healthy eating, sexual health and smoking cessation.
 There will also be a wide range of events going on throughout the day, including free fitness tests by Thanet Leisure Force. Other partners attending the event include the Thanet area Disability Drop-in Centre and the council’s Sports Development team.
 There is no need to book an appointment – those who attend can simply pop in. But if the day isn’t convenient, it’s possible to book an appointment to speak to a Health Trainer at a later date.
 Gateway’s Front of House Co-ordinator, Matthew Munson, said: “When this event was held in December, it proved to be very popular and many local people found the advice to be of enormous help.
 “There are very few people who don’t wish to make improvements to their health and wellbeing, and initiatives like this offer the perfect opportunity. The Health Trainers team are dedicated professionals who will offer non-judgemental advice and support. So if anyone is interested in making a real difference to their lives, they should visit the Gateway on 13 July.”
 Anyone wishing to make an appointment to see a Health Advisor can do so on the day or by calling 0800 849 4000 (option 3).


Parts of central Margate – including the High Street – have been cleared of litter by Kent Probation’s Community Payback teams as part of the ongoing Cleansweep operation.
 In Kent, between 2011 and 2012, a total of 255,899 hours of unpaid work was provided to local communities by offenders. The work is worth over £1.5 million in free labour alone.   
 In Thanet, people from Kent Probation’s Community Payback initiative have been actively involved in the multi-agency Cleansweep operation, leading to many areas being cleared of rubbish and weeds.
 Unadopted alleyways in Margate have been included in the Cleansweep operations, with previously rubbish-strewn areas cleared – much to the delight of local residents.
 Environmental Health Manager, Penny Button said: “The supervised Community Payback teams have played an integral role in the ongoing Cleansweep operations that have brought so much benefit to the area.
 “It’s wonderful to see parts of Thanet transformed with streets and alleys swept and cleaned, weeds removed and bags of rubbish removed. The Cleansweep initiative will continue, and we look forward to working in partnership with Kent Probation to arrange work by Community Payback teams that directly benefit the people living in Thanet.”
 Kent Probation’s Director of Community Payback, Suki Binning, said: “Kent Probation is really pleased that the work we have set up with Thanet Council is making a difference to the local community. The work is an excellent example of how we punish offenders on their orders through demanding and visible work."
Kent Probation organises the work for schools, charities and councils. The public can also nominate work for Community Payback teams via the Kent Probation


The seaside resorts of Thanet in Kent risk “sewage catastrophe” unless radical action is taken against water company Southern Water, a local journalist has claimed.
“Thanet’s economy is critically dependent on its beaches. Our environment, our health is at risk,” Norman Thomas said. “We cannot afford to allow a company like Southern Water to hold our future in its pollution stained hands.”
Mr Thomas’s statement follows research he’s done into incidents involving the water company going back to 2008. He says he has discovered a “horrifying pattern of neglect” by the company.
According to Mr Thomas his research shows that Southern Water is  “a company out of control”  and that there is every chance their negligence will “disastrously damage” Thanet’s tourist economy.
Earlier this year Thanet’s beaches were closed after the failure of Southern Water’s Foreness Point pumping station.  Heavy storms, the company said, had caused exceptional levels of debris such as tampons and nappies to block the pumps. Southern Water apologised for the spill and said it was “working hard to avoid such problems in the future”.
But Mr Thomas argues that the company’s record shows there is no reason at all to believe their apology.
“Southern Water show a horrifying pattern of neglect in their operations across south east England,” Mr Thomas said.  “Since 2010, they have been responsible for sewage disasters in Herne Bay, Portsmouth, Southampton, West Sussex, and Biddenden. In each case they’ve apologised and been fined anything from £7,000 to £50,000.
“But the point is, it makes no difference. They keep doing it, time after time. The fines and any compensation they pay are trivial compared to the profits they make. They are a company out of control.
“And it’s not just the disasters themselves. The company has shown itself ready to cover up its negligence and mislead the public. In other words, most worryingly, we don’t know the extent of the problems we’re facing.”
Mr Thomas’s full report is published in the July-August issue of Thanet Watch, price 60p, in newsagents across Thanet.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

New planning applications,

The TDC planning website is one of the most bizarre websites I have ever come across in as much as the web addresses of the pages on it change after a few hours so you can’t publish links to them. If you want to look at any of the applications you need to go to the site and enter the application reference in the search box, this link takes you to the site   

Date Published*Application No.AddressStatus
22 Jun 2012L/TH/12/046511 BROAD STREET MARGATE CT91EWcurrent
22 Jun 2012F/TH/12/0442180 HIGH STREET MARGATE CT91JZcurrent
22 Jun 2012F/TH/12/0457100 MONKTON ROAD MINSTER RAMSGATE CT124EFcurrent
22 Jun 2012F/TH/12/049011 ELMS AVENUE RAMSGATE CT119BWcurrent
22 Jun 2012L/TH/12/04246 ALBION ROAD RAMSGATE CT118DJcurrent
21 Jun 2012L/TH/12/0445FLAT 3 7 STONE ROAD BROADSTAIRS CT101DYcurrent
21 Jun 2012L/TH/12/0446FLAT 3 9 STONE ROAD BROADSTAIRS CT101DYcurrent
20 Jun 2012F/TH/12/04507 CROW HILL BROADSTAIRS CT101HNcurrent
19 Jun 2012F/TH/12/048574 NIXON AVENUE RAMSGATE CT126BQcurrent
15 Jun 2012F/TH/12/0419351 NORTHDOWN ROAD MARGATE CT93PBcurrent
15 Jun 2012F/TH/12/04377 CHERRY TREE GARDENS RAMSGATE CT126QScurrent
15 Jun 2012F/TH/12/044439 HOPES LANE RAMSGATE CT126RNcurrent

* This date is when Thanet District Council first published this case file.

New documents published by Thanet District Council,

Thanet District Council licensing applications,

Name of Applicant / ClubAddress of Premises / ClubNature of application. New or variationProposed licensable activities / or proposed variationDate by which representations may be made
(no less than 28 days after date received)

Mrs Sharron Cove T Stall, Old Town, Market Place, Margate CT9 1ESNew premises licence applicationSupply of alcohol6th July 2012
Co-operative Group Food LimitedCo-operative, 1-5 Summerfield Road, Margate CT9 3EZVariationTo amend the licensing and trading hours17th July 2012
Navaratnam Jegapriyan49 Station Road, Westgate on Sea, CT8 8QYNew premises licence applicationSupply of alcohol17th July 2012

Margate Masters beach volleyball returns this July


Margate Main Sands is set to take centre stage once again this summer with the return of the national beach volleyball event, ‘Margate Masters’.
Organised by Thanet District Council’s Sport Matters team, and sponsored by Hornby, the event is in its sixth year and was voted Best Tour Event in 2009, 2010 and 2011 by the players and officials of Volleyball England.
This year’s free family friendly event takes place from Friday 6 July to Sunday 8 July, with play from 9am to 5pm, and is one of only four stops on the Volleyball England Beach Tour.
The action kicks off on Friday 6 July with a schools competition, which will see schools from across Kent taking part, giving local young people the chance to play in the main arena.
The elite competition then gets underway on Saturday 7 July, with the finals on Sunday 8 July.  As well as showcasing the country’s top volleyball talent, the matches will all have full commentary and entertainment including music, beach sports demonstrations and the chance for spectators to win great prizes in a host of competitions.
Sunday also sees the return of the ‘Local Standard’ knockout event. The competition is open for anyone who wants to have a go at volleyball themselves and will be for teams of either two or four people, with mixed gender teams allowed. For more information about this year’s event please visit and enter your team.
Sport and Leisure Officer, James Gregory, said: “Margate Masters already has a reputation as one of the best volleyball events in the UK which is fantastic. Hosting the event in Margate not only provides a stunning backdrop to view all the action, but is a great opportunity for local people to enjoy a national sports event right on their doorstep! As well as first class competitions over the weekend there’s also the chance to have a go on the community courts or in the coaching areas, so there’s really something for all interests at the event. With volleyball now rated as one of the top five spectator sports in the world, and a key part of this year’s Olympics, we’re thrilled to be hosting such an important event again.”
Headline Sponsor Hornby Hobbies, Project Director London 2012 Alex Balzaretti said “ Hornby are proud to sponsor the Margate Masters for a third year.  With less then 2 months to go before the country hosts the greatest sporting event on earth, the London 2012 Games, and as Hornby London 2012 product lines hit the shelves in retail outlets throughout the UK, we are thrilled to be associated with an event that brings beach volleyball, an Olympic event to our doorstep”.
For anyone who wants to get a little closer to the action, there are opportunities to volunteer over the weekend. To find out more, or to register your interest, please contact the Sport Matters team on 01843 577032.
For more information about the event please visit or go to

Thursday, 21 June 2012

2012 RIBA Awards announced Turner Contemporary awarded Winner of RIBA Regional Building of the Year Award

21 June 2012
Turner Contemporary © Richard Bryant/
2012 RIBA Awards announced
Turner Contemporary awarded Winner of RIBA Regional Building of the Year Award
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) announced the winners of the 2012 RIBA Awards last night at ceremonies across the UK. RIBA Awards for architectural excellence were presented to 50 buildings in the UK and 9 buildings elsewhere in the EU. The shortlist for the RIBA Stirling Prize for the building of the year will be drawn from the 59 RIBA Award winners.
Turner Contemporary has been awarded RIBA Regional Building of the Year Award. Commissioned by Kent County Council and designed by David Chipperfield Architects; it is just one of two buildings in the South East to be honoured. Turner Contemporary is located on the seafront at Margate and since it opened last year has welcomed more than 500,000 visitors.
Victoria Pomery, Director Turner Contemporary, said:

‘This award signifies a huge vote of confidence in our wonderful new gallery building.  Turner Contemporary is an inspirational building and our audiences love it.  The gallery functions incredibly well for art and for audiences.  We are thrilled with this announcement which also demonstrates the ambition of Kent County Council in appointing David Chipperfield Architects to design the gallery.’

Speaking today, RIBA President Angela Brady said:
'For nearly fifty years the RIBA Awards have reflected the changing state of British architecture and revealed emerging design trends. What really stands out is that even in times of austerity, we can still deliver amazingly clever, high quality buildings that reflect the needs of today and enhance our daily lives. The judges were delighted to see so many well considered, crafted and innovative projects, and the use of beautiful materials; these projects are truly exciting and inspiring. The huge range of great buildings will guarantee an exciting RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist later in the year and illustrates the value of quality in architecture.'
South East
McLaren Production Centre, Surrey - Foster + Partners
Turner Contemporary, Kent - David Chipperfield Architects
The RIBA Stirling Prize is awarded to thearchitects of the building that has made the greatest contribution to British architecture in the past year. The prize will be presented on Saturday 13 October.

Turner Contemporary
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


At the East Kent Joint Arrangements Committee meeting (EKJAC) held at the Guildhall in Canterbury on Wednesday (20th June), the Leaders and Deputy Leaders of four East Kent District Council's and the KCC Deputy Leader Alex King agreed that EKJAC, the forum which brought together County and District council leaders in East Kent, should now be dissolved. Furthermore, the district representatives were assured that KCC would maintain close working relations with East Kent Districts primarily through the new Locality Boards, as it does in the rest of Kent.
Thanet Labour Deputy Leader Alan Poole then immediately asked Cllr King to get KCC Leader Paul Carter and his Cabinet Member Mike Hill to create a Locality Board for Thanet as a matter of urgency!
Thanet Labour Leader Clive Hart was chairing what was probably the last meeting of EKJAC and afterwards said "Across the vast majority of Kent, these new Locality Boards are blazing the trail for closer co-operation between district and county council's and we most desperately need one here in Thanet.

As a gesture of good will, and in an effort to help foster a proper Locality Board for Thanet, our Labour Cabinet recently met with Thanet's Conservative dominated group of County Councillor's to discuss the issue of Youth Service provision in Thanet. The meeting was a great success and proved that cross-party working really can work for the benefit of local residents. Two different groups of councillors from two different local authorities and two different political parties came together for the benefit of local residents and despite our differences a large amount of common ground was found. Despite this resounding success, Thanet Conservative County Councillor's are still intransigent and simply will not move towards a regular and formal Locality Board for the residents of Thanet. 
Time is slipping by and Thanet is loosing out. At the last Kent Forum of Leaders and Chief Executives public meeting held at County Hall in May, I had to request firm intervention from KCC Leader Paul Carter and his Cabinet Member Mike Hill and now my deputy has had to do the same at a public meeting here in East Kent. Our Labour administration is 100% committed to a Locality Board for the people of Thanet but I am extremely concerned that Thanet residents are being denied a fresh, vibrant and progressive level of representation and co-operation enjoyed by the vast majority of Kent residents".

Seaside Sewage Spill Snub

Independent Councillor and Chairman of Thanet Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Panel (OSP), Ian Driver, has expressed his “incredulity”  at  the Environment Agency’s refusal to attend a public meeting and answer questions about their role in dealing with the recent  Southern Water sewage spillage into the sea off Foreness Point.

The spillage which took place over the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend led to the closure of all of Thanet’s award winning beaches for over a week.

Said Driver,  “the spillage was a major environmental disaster that has cost local businesses a lot of money.  Local people have a right to know what went wrong and why, and what steps will be taken to stop this happening again”.

In a letter to Thanet Council Alan Cansdale Environment and Waterways Manager for Kent and South London said that “I have had the advice from our Regional Solicitor that, given that we are undertaking a formal investigation, we should not take part in the scrutiny meeting”.

In response to the letter Driver said. “I cannot see how a factual explanation of the actions taken by the Environment Agency in relation to the spillage can in any way jeopardise formal investigations or possible prosecutions. Perhaps there might be other reasons why the Environment Agency might not want to appear at the meeting and answer questions”

“I will not accept Mr Cansdale’s excuses and will be asking his boss and the responsible government minister to review his decision.

Thanet people have had to cope with the disastrous consequences of this serious environmental disaster. Now it seems as though the Environment Agency want to add to the damage by pouring buckets of the brown stuff over our democratic efforts to investigate”

Cllr Harrison’s apology

In March  2012 I complained to Thanet Council Standards Board about Cllr Mike Harrison who on his Newington Blogspot described a woman from Brighton as a "frustrated dried up old bint" Cllr Julie Marson also complained.

We both felt that the publication of offensive misogynist comments by an elected councillor was inappropriate. The Council Standards Board agreed and found Cllr Harrison guilty of brining the council into disrepute.

He was ordered to write a letter of apology and to publish this letter on his Newington Blogspot. He has failed to publish the letter. The Council's Legal Officer has now provided me with a copy of the Cllr Harrison letter and advised me that because Harrison has failed to publish the apology I can do so instead.

Here is Cllr Harrison’s apology in full. I will let you readers decide if the elected councillor is genuinely sorry for publishing some of the most offensive misogynist comments I have ever seen.

Ian Driver 

Turner Contemporary to receive Catalyst Funding from Arts Council England

Turner Contemporary © Nick Guttridge
Turner Contemporary to receive Catalyst Funding from Arts Council England
This morning (20 June 2012) The Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Jeremy Hunt announced that Turner Contemporary was one of 18 recipients of a Catalyst: Endowment grant. This is a seed fund of up to £1m, which will be released to the gallery when they raise the equivalent amount within 3 years.
Catalyst: Endowments is a culture-sector wide scheme sponsored jointly by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS); the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England. It offers organisations match funding to build endowments that will yield them a guaranteed annual income.
The scheme is designed to bring new money into the arts sector to enhance and not simply to replace existing sources of funding so that the arts organisations funded will be able to contribute most effectively to ACE’s strategic framework Achieving great art for everyone. 
Victoria Pomery, Director, Turner Contemporary, explains:
‘We have had a fantastic opening year, with a brilliant response from visitors, the local community and from the media. It remains vital that we build on this success and secure the long term future of Turner Contemporary.
Generating an endowment is one way we can do this, and we were delighted by today’s announcement.’
John Kampfner, Chair Turner Contemporary, says:
‘Turner Contemporary is a beacon of arts excellence which is having a real regenerative impact.
Our Endowment campaign offers individuals and companies the opportunity to contribute to a real success story and help secure our long term future. It is fantastic news that Arts Council England have pledged this match funding to kick start the campaign. ‘
 Sally Abbott, Regional Director, Arts Council England, South East, says:
‘We are delighted to be awarding Turner Contemporary Catalyst Endowment funding. These awards are about offering match funding to arts organisations with a successful track record of fundraising to help them build endowments that provide an annual income.
As the gallery’s first year figures demonstrate, Turner Contemporary is already proving itself to be an important cultural driver for the regeneration of Margate. This Catalyst Endowment award will support the gallery’s future sustainability and attract new money to invest in additional artistic work for its audiences to enjoy.’

Turner Contemporary
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