Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Licensing appeal dismissed in Court

Dover Magistrate’s Court recently supported a licensing decision by Thanet District Council (16 May) when an appeal from Key Stores was dismissed.
On the 14 January 2014 a Licensing Sub-Committee revoked the premises licence at the shop for serving someone under the influence of alcohol. This was witnessed by the then Community Service Coordinator, who reported it to the Police, who brought the review.
The licence holder for Key Stores Mr Oflazoglu appealed the council’s decision to the Court.
Regulatory Services Manager, Philip Bensted, represented Thanet District Council at Dover Magistrates’ Court when the appeal was heard.
The Court dismissed this appeal and said that ‘there was credible evidence given by Mr Wright and CCTV evidence, on the balance of probabilities, that a drunken customer had been served.’
Leader of Thanet District Council and Cabinet Member for Community Safety Cllr Iris Johnston said, ‘Once again the decision of our Licensing Team has been supported by the law. Licensees have to be responsible and who they serve is a massive part of that. We want licensees who are a positive influence in the District and don’t have the potential to indirectly support anti-social behaviour. This sends a message to other licensees that they must heed the law because the council will not tolerate breaches which could potentially damage individuals, residents and the district as a whole.’
As well as dismissing the appeal the Court also awarded Thanet District Council £946 costs against Mr Oflazoglu. The shop can no longer sell alcohol.

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