Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A sad story

The story below just about sums up what is going on at Manston.  Roger, Laura and all of us will fight to the bitter end to save the Airport, the jobs and the companies located there.

If all else fails in the short time we have left, then please try and be at Manston at 5.00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.

Many thanks and best wishes.     SUZY

On 13/05/2014 09:29, gary easton wrote:
HI All

Yesterday afternoon my wife had her severance meeting with the Manston Management, after 25 years service she was given a letter regarding her redundancy and told on Thursday she must hand in her keys and go at 5pm. They even said by way of consolation that on Wednesday a team from the 'Dole' would be at the airport to give them information about future employment.

The insensitivity must be rife throughout this organisation because they know my wife has breast cancer and no chance of finding a job. When she pointed this out the reply was 'well they can inform you about benefits'. I met her after the meeting and naturally she was in tears. We are not looking for sympathy but for her and many others this is the human face of a desire to make money at all costs. As I said in an interview 'The unacceptable face of capitalism. I have taken the day off and will be at Manston on Thursday at 5pm when a part of my wife's life will end, like a stick of rock if you cut her in half you would see Manston Airport. I will be there to support her and I urge all who can be there to attend also. 

Please forward this to others who may wish to be there for my Wife and the other employee's discarded by Mrs Gloag.

Gary Easton 

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