Monday, 9 December 2013

Project profiles in Port

Thanet District Council has recently obtained European Interreg funding to assist with the improvement of facilities at the Port of Ramsgate.

Funding of just over £161,000 was achieved through the LO-PINOD project (Logistics Optimisation for Ports), which aims to challenge existing thinking on freight distribution and offer more sustainable and efficient alternatives.

The project proposal is split into three parts of which the funding will support the first two elements:
  • Assess the economic viability scoping report for alongside quay
  • Prepare a technical design and feasibility study of the alongside quay, an extension of the eastern pier of the harbour and a commercial boat park
  • Construction of the alongside quay, East Pier extension and a commercial boat park.
Last week, a LO-PINOD partnership meeting, jointly hosted by Thanet District Council and fellow UK LO-PINOD partner Kilbride Group at the Pegwell Bay Hotel, Ramsgate. This productive event saw representatives from various British and European organisations involved in the project. All parties participated in guided workshops, which discussed the approaches to port development in not only the Port of Ramsgate but in the other ports affected in the project around Europe.

In September another event took place in Ramsgate, this time, held at The Royal Temple Yacht Club. More than sixty business men and women from the nautical industry attended from different commercial operations and organisations across France, Holland and the UK. This event was a major help to Thanet District Council, with views and suggestions being heard and discussions on the proposed new developments in the Port of Ramsgate.

Councillor Alan Poole, Cabinet member for Commercial Services said: “This project is such a positive addition to the Port of Ramsgate and if it can be taken forward will create local jobs, help to grow the local economy and facilitate more tourism to the area.
“The future development of the Port is key for the council. It is fundamental that we work towards building suitable facilities for something as important as this, to continue on in our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.”

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