Tuesday, 15 October 2013


"I am pleased that Ann Gloag is approaching the purchase of Manston with such a positive attitude and that she clearly see's a strong future for the airport. I sincerely hope this means that jobs at the airport are secure and that the settlement can be completed as soon as possible in the interests of all concerned. I look forward to forging a good working relationship with the new owners".

Cllr Clive Hart - Leader of Thanet District Council. 

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  1. Well, according to someone who shall remain nameless, Manston was not going to be sold as an airport because everybody, well at least those living somewhere in South Eastern Road, could see that it was a dead duck. No, Manston was going back to farmland in the dream world of the aquifer man.

    It would seem, subject to finalisation of the deal, that not only has Manston been sold as an airport, but also to the founder of Stagecoach and someone well versed in running transport systems in the UK rather than in Lord of the Rings country.

    No doubt, the doomsayers will take this as further evidence of Manston's unsuitability whilst the airport's supporters will herald the ending of a period of uncertainty enabling it to move forward with a new vision and investment.

    It all remains to be seen, but an owner who wants the place has to be better than a distant owner who wants shot of it.


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