Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Broadstairs residents and visitors support call for better meat labeling

Last Sunday Broadstairs Labour asked locals and visitors in the town centre to lend their support to calls for better meat labeling. Last month the European Commission agreed to introduce country of origin labels for fresh meat, covering where the animal was reared and where it was slaughtered. The new measures will cover fresh pork, poultry and lamb; beef is already covered under existing rules. Labour asked people for their support during the highly successful Broadstairs Food Festival, and found that many people were concerned about where their food comes from and particularly the long distances some animals are transported before slaughter. Some of the many comments received from members of the public are repeated at the end of this press release.
Anneliese Dodds, Labour's top-placed European candidate for Broadstairs, said: "People want to know not just that the meat they eat was reared in Britain, but also that it was slaughtered here. That applies as much to processed meat in pies and sausages as to fresh meat like steak and chops. I was pleased to see that local people and visitors to Broadstairs Food Festival supported our call for better labeling of all meat products, to really give people the choice to 'buy British' meat".
Will Scobie, Labour's Parliamentary candidate for South Thanet, said: "I’m supporting Anneliese and the European Labour Party to guarantee the quality of the meat in our supermarkets. Not only for people, but also so we know what conditions the animals were raised and slaughtered in”.
Councillor Jenny Matterface, Labour Councillor for Beacon Road Ward, said: "The recent horsemeat scandal was a wake-up call for consumers who were horrified at being misled and the fraud being perpetrated. Clear labeling on all meat is the only way to ensure we know what we’re eating".
And Councillor Michelle Fenner, Cabinet Member for Business, Corporate and Regulatory Services at Thanet District Council, said: "As a Labour administration on Thanet District Council we have made our position well known against Live Animal Exports. We are involved in a court case with the Live Exports transporters following the very difficult situation we found ourselves in as owner of Ramsgate Port where our own staff were put at risk by the cavalier lack of care from the transporters towards the welfare of the animals. We deplore the lack of support from the Conservative-led Government, particularly for not being more diligent in applying EU regulation. We are glad to have Anneliese joining us to campaign on this vital issue in Broadstairs."
Here are quotes from local people who supported our call for better meat labelling:
Mr Case said "We must know exactly what we are eating."

Angela, visiting from London said, "We have a fundamental right to know what we are eating."

Mr Webb from St Margaret-at-Cliffe said, "Buying meat must be safe."

Miss Dellzell from Newport Pagnell said, "It's a very important issue."

Mrs Lawrence from Broadstairs said, "People should know exactly where all their food comes from."

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