Thursday, 17 January 2013



Been inspired by London 2012 and want to help make sport happen in your community? Become a Sport Maker – it’s free!
The many volunteers who organise sport for their local clubs or just for friends and colleagues are people who play a pivotal role in promoting and increase sporting participation and all the benefits it brings.  If you enjoy sport and want to add something to your own community - then why not make a new year’s resolution to get into sport volunteering? You'll keep yourself fit and get that feel-good buzz of knowing that you’re helping others to discover what gets your heart racing.
Sport Makers, funded by the National Lottery is recruiting tens of thousands of new volunteers aged 16+ across the country to help organise, support and lead community sporting activities.
As part of this Thanet District Council (TDC) and the Kent Sport, Leisure and Olympics team will be hosting a Sport Makers’ course at the Ursuline Sports College on Thursday 7 February, 7pm-9pm.
Why not come along to this FREE workshop event and find out about the opportunities and the skills, knowledge, and contacts you’ll need to get more people playing sport in your area.
Colin Rouse, TDC Sports Development Officer, said: “Sport Makers is a great opportunity to help support and drive local sports participation. Whether you already volunteer at your local sports club on a Saturday morning, or just don’t feel you’re as sporty as you’d like and want to get involved, this workshop will provide you with the kind of training, resources and support you’ll need.  Local Sport Makers will be doing their part to deliver on the Olympic and Paralympics legacy and values - doing their part in creating a more active Thanet.”
Places are limited, so for more information about Sport Makers please visit Once you register there you will be able to sign up with your nearest Sport Makers’ course. Or you could start by contacting Colin Rouse on 01843 577032

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