Friday, 18 January 2013

Consultation – TDC’s breath of fresh air!

Air Quality Action Plan Consultation
Thanet District Council is looking for the views of residents on suggested ways to address air pollution hot-spots in the area.
In fact, because of its location, Thanet’s air quality is already very good, although there are two locations where concentrations of traffic currently cause the level of a pollutant called nitrogen dioxide (NO2) to be higher than is desirable.

Michelle Fenner, Cabinet Member for Business, Corporate and Regulatory Services explained: “Using guidance from the Government, and by working with Kent County Council, TDC has produced an ‘Air Quality Action Plan’ which sets out how the council intends to work on tackling pollution issues and towards achieving its air quality objectives. Rather than being a piecemeal approach, which could just shift problems around, this plan looks at the whole of Thanet strategically as an ‘Air Quality Management Area’, rather than just at the problems sites individually. This is a really good opportunity to have your say on the ways in which we are looking at making the area even better for residents and tourists alike.”

The draft action plan consists both of new ideas and measures which are already in place and includes ways of:

influencing freight strategy to redirect HGVs away from key hotspots

altering junction configurations to improve traffic flow

promoting sustainable methods of travel through development planning - thus reducing  the total ‘miles travelled ‘ by encouraging a movement away from personal car use

reducing the emissions from individual vehicles.
As a live working document the plan will be continually reviewed and updated. As an initial stage of this the council would like to hear your views and comments on the measures being proposed to improve local air quality over the coming years.

The Air Quality Action Plan is available to view at
Please email your comments to before 14th March 2013.


  1. Air quality from TDC. What a farce. Not removing the Manston air monitors for years would have helped.

    This report doesn't even mention the airport and illegal low-level overflights.

    A review of the cancer rates would be more relevant. And the sooner the Police are called in the better.

  2. The Gazette had a front page on 4x EU emissions from Manston a year or two ago didn't it? So why are TDC claiming the air quality is good? Two AQMA's in a district the size of Thanet is terrible.

    And relabelling all Thanet as an AQMA is either meaningless bureaucratic inaction or would actually hide the problems within the district as a whole.

    1. As ever, Anon, you regard newspaper articles as evidence hence it may surprise you to know they are not. Equally, as ever, you are back to calling the police so please, get off your fat rear, and call them yourself or scared they might laugh at you..

    2. Sometimes they are evidence in court Tom, you seem to have no idea about policing or the law, and more of your dull insults when you're yet again shown to be spouting nonsense. The Gazette article was very detailed and showed over 4x the safe EU pollution level at Manston which most people would be very concerned, given the weak if not nonexistent monitoring by Infratil and TDC.

    3. Whatever, Anon, you believe whatever makes you happy, but do please try phoning the police. I would love to hear how you get on with them.

    4. So we're agreed you're talking out of your backside again Tom on evidence and the dangerous pollution from Manston. The police are already investigating Manston with banned flights etc. You'll invariably be the last to know as usual. Let's hope they're more capable than you must have been in uniform although with the monitors removed by Infratil and TDC they'd be hard-pressed to muck up the investigation.

    5. Of course they are, 16:14, and I suppose DCI Barnaby is in charge of the case. I can hardly wait for reports of their progress in the press and the subsequent court cases.

      You know you get sillier with each utterance and then have the cheek to accuse others of talking through their rear ends. Interesting also that whereas recently you suggested I was drummed out of the armed services you now claim I am a retired police officer. Obviously I have had an interesting and varied career so what did you do before you totally lost the plot?


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