Sunday, 28 November 2010


At the Thanet Joint Transportation Board meeting last Thursday (25th November), the committee where TDC liaise with KCC on Highways issues across the island, Cllr Bob Bayford Conservative leader of TDC, in response to a presentation by a KCC officer and their report on Margate Seafront said,

“Please don’t keep referring to congestion in your reports as residents in Thanet do not know the meaning of congestion, they do not know they are born”.

Cllr Bayford then went on to say,

“This new government has promised to cut down on public consultation, decisions should be left to elected members because that is what we have been elected for, there is far too much of this consultation going on”.

Cllr Peter Campbell, a JTB member said,

"I was simply astounded by Cllr Bayfords comments and the attitude towards the people of Thanet that they reveal".

Labour Group Leader Cllr Clive Hart said,

"These comments by Cllr Bayford, reported to me, say much about the attitude of the Conservative administration at TDC. Apparently they think Thanet residents just don't understand matters and that they shouldn't be consulted so much? I have to say the comments appear somewhat patronising and to an extent, even arrogant.

I'd say Cllr Bayford has got things completely wrong. Thanet residents most certainly do need consulting on issues affecting their lives. However, they deserve GENUINE consultation and not just the 'lip service' all too often paid to them by this Conservative administration".


  1. I think that Cllr Bayford should be reminded that he was elected as a Councillor to represent the views of his constituents and the people of Thanet not to promote his own agenda. What arrogance

  2. Bayford will be brawling in the street and attacking his opponents soon, just like his thuggish predecessor (plus his MBE'd side-kick).

  3. He has lost my vote the arroganat twerp and when I see him I shall tell him. TDC is back to its usual Very Low Standards


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