Saturday, 13 November 2010

Laura Sandys MP Stands-Up for Low Income Families in Parliament

Laura Sandys MP highlighted the real struggle that low income families in Thanet face during a debate on Housing Benefits in Parliament.

Thanet has the second highest number of low paid workers and throughout the election, Laura met a lot of families on low wages who highlighted the injustice of them putting in a hard day’s work whilst others seem better off on the dole. In a bid to put an end to this unfairness, Laura pledged to stand up for the hard working people of Thanet and put an end to the previous system.

Laura pressed the Government to ensure that never again will we have a system where it does not pay to work. During the debate, Laura stated:

“It has taken a lot of courage to address housing benefit.

“The current situation has fundamentally distorted housing in my area. The average wage in Thanet is £17,000 and housing benefits for the unemployed stand at more than £8,000 a year. Most working families cannot compete in that market.”

“Our system is broken. Those who want to work know that work does not pay. Those who work get less than those who claim and those who do not work often receive the most.”

Hansard Link to Laura’s Speech:

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  1. Low paid workers are entitled to housing benefits.

    Laura do your homework.


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