Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Press release Letter on Manston from Bob Bayford

An Open Letter to Clive Hart

Dear Clive

The headline in today's Thanet Times, 'Labour's 'NO' to flights at night', lead many to believe the policy of Thanet Council's Labour Group is now one of total opposition to 'any' night-time flying activity at Manston airport.

If this is the case, I am disturbed and surprised. Most of your Group have previously accepted, and voted for, some night time activity. The fact that the current s.106 agreement, which was drafted and approved under the previous Labour administration, made specific provision for a future night-time flying policy, demonstrates Labour's consistency over the past decade. Indeed, the working party which oversaw the drafting of this agreement included some of your current and most senior councillors.

For the sake of clarity, I formally invite you to publicly declare your position. This needs to be a simple 'Yes' or 'No' to the question ' Does the Labour group on Thanet District Council completely rule out night-time flying activity at Manston Airport?'

At the moment, the 'No to Night Flights' lobby appear to believe you are solid supporters of their position. The remainder of the Island's population deserve to know whether this volte face is really true.

Kind Regards

Bob Bayford


  1. Open Letter to Bob Bayford.

    We don't want any night flights over our heads, and if you want to support our cause, we'll gladly accept your sponsorship.

  2. Absolutely No night flights whatsoever, including the "unscheduled" one's that blight the night now.

  3. Perhaps the tdc leader woulds like to make his position on drink driving- cllrs drinking & dining with directors and other officers of tdcat the tax payers expense -accepting "free flights to china and a myriad of other issues

  4. Boo boo and I don't want night flights either.


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