Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Kent restaurant aids Pakistan flood relief with beach front pop ups

Ambrette beach-front pop ups to benefit Pakistan flood victims with ‘North West Frontier’ food
Margate restaurant to back ‘Restaurants Against Hunger’ with Zebra and Nile Perch dishes
*18-course ‘Taste Sensation’ menus on Sunday nights in September*

Acclaimed executive chef Dev Biswal of The Ambrette Restaurant In Margate, is to cook ‘North West Frontier’ dishes at a series on pop up kitchens along the Thanet coast in aid of Pakistan flood relief.

The Michelin-listed fining Indian dining venue (formerly the Indian Princess) has been planning a 2-month fund-raising promotion to benefit ‘Restaurants Against Hunger’ charity appeal in the autumn But following the severe floods in north-west Pakistan, Biswal decide more urgent action was needed. UN estimates that over 1600 people have lost their lives. Many more have lost their homes, possessions and livelihoods with in 1 in 10 ten of the population being affected as heaviest monsoon rains ever recorded have swept away entire villages.
“Rather than just make a donation or rattle a collecting tin, I also want to do something that will draw attention to these people’s plight,” said Biswal.
Biswal decided that with thousands of hungry holiday makers heading for Thanet’s clean, safe sandy beaches this summer, a series of “pop up” cookery demonstrations would make ideal fund-raising events.

“The cooking style and spices of this area of the country bordering Afghanistan are very distinctive,” said Biswal who be serving such typical Pashtun dishes as lamb shish kebabs, beef chapli, chicken pilau and Pashwari naans,

Proceeds will go to the Red Cross and the UK's Disasters and Emergency Committee (DEC)
Later in the year, The Ambrette will also be supporting the ‘Restaurant Against Hunger’ by donating £1 each time a customer orders zebra steak or Nile perch throughout the months of September and October. Customers can also choose to make an additional voluntary contribution. They serve a dual purpose as they contribute to the economy of rural African economies.

Pan-grilled zebra steak is served with a complex sauce of plums, ginger and black pepper. The deep red meat with a medium grain is sweeter than beef but retains a game flavour. Ambrette uses Burchell’s zebra, the only subspecies that can be hunted. Culling excess stallions helps numbers grow. Income from meat and hunting brings extra revenue to the rural economies of Southern Africa and prevents poaching of endangered species.
Tanzanian Nile Perch is pan-grilled with peppers, coriander, fenugreek and carom seeds, is served with a gently spiced and fragrant sauce of mustard, ginger and kari leaves. Considered one of the world's best table fishes with a higher omega-3 content than any other, the perch has a light, delicate flavour with a white firm and flaky flesh.

The pop up will be dependent on the weather. For times and location check www.theambrette.co.uk In September The Ambrette will be serving an 18-course ‘Taste Sensation’ menu on Sunday evenings


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