Thursday, 19 August 2010

Battle of Britain memorial flight Friday 20th flypast Manston at 12.41

This should be 3 spitfires and a hurricane I believe although I am not certain of the details, any more detailed information would be helpful.



    12.41 at Manston full route on Facebook page

  2. err,um , cant see any reference to friday the <a href="> BATTLE of BRITAIN MEMORIAL FLIGHT</a> website. Follow the link that says 'Details of our flying programme over the next few days; weather and aircraft serviceability permitting!'

  3. From:

    The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is to complete a historic tour of all Battle of Britain Stations, this Friday as part of the commemorations associated with the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

    Spitfire P7350, the oldest airworthy Spitfire and the only Spitfire still flying to have actually fought in the Battle of Britain and Hurricane LF363, the last Hurricane to enter service with the RAF will join in formation with Spitfire AB910, which flew over 143 operational missions in World War 2 and Hurricane R4118, the only Hurricane from the Battle of Britain still flying.

    Subject to weather conditions these aircraft will make a flypast of the RAF Museum, the site of Battle of Britain Station RAF Hendon, at 4.03pm.


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