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This Saturday, 14th August, at 2pm angry residents of Dalby Square, Margate, are planning to protest against plans to take away their community green.

There will be a children’s fun day with children signing a giant hoarding protesting against the plans.

The protest has been sparked by Thanet Council’s decision to recommend the green for sale to make way for a new housing project.

Residents complain of a lack of consultation over the decision which will mean, they claim, the loss of the one and only play space for children in the square.

Jenny Cranstone of the Dalby Square Project group, which has been widely praised for its work in improving the square, said: “If this land is lost, where else can our young people safely play?”

The green has been praised as a valuable meeting place and recreational area – in particular helping bridge gaps between local people and multicultural newcomers to the square. All this, residents fear, is now at risk.

She said: “All ages, but particularly the young people see this land as their own area. When they heard of plans to build, they were not just dismayed at another council plan to put money over welfare, they were angry and determined to campaign to stop it.”

The children of the square have produced a hoarding featuring images of stars like Michael Jackson and will be signing the hoarding in protest against the council’s decision. The protest will take the shape of a “fun-day” with obstacles races, nail painting and other events.

The official consultation period over the plans for the square is due to end on Friday August 27th. This means Thanet Council’s cabinet chose to recommend the plans before the residents group had their chance to make their opinions known – which has sparked great anger among local people.

The fun day will take place between 2pm-4pm on Saturday 14th August. For more details ring Jenny Cranstone 01843 228 414

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