Friday, 6 August 2010


A series of changes have been made to the council’s planned asset disposals, following a major public consultation.

A total of 190 responses to the consultation, which was held in late 2009, were submitted to the council, following the publication of 11 sites for potential disposal. As part of the consultation process, three drop-in sessions were held, one in each of the towns, which were attended by 90 people.

Of the sites, four were approved last night (Thursday 5 August) for disposal by Cabinet for the following uses:
1. Former Lodge, St. John’s Cemetery, Manston Road (residential redevelopment)
2. Former promenade toilets, adjacent to Seaview Terrace, Margate (redevelopment, probably residential)
3. Land opposite the Tudor House, King Street, Margate (residential development)
4. Open space, adjoining 33 and 35 Beech Grove, Cliffsend (to the adjoining owners, with a covenant placed on it to prevent development of the land)

With the Staffordshire Street car park site, it was agreed that the disposal process should not commence until a more detailed investigation on covenants and consultation on a more detailed scheme is complete. It was also agreed that no disposal action should proceed at the Marina Car Park, Marina Road, Eastern Undercliff, until a detailed development brief has been prepared and market conditions can support a development.

With the land behind Highfield Road, Ramsgate, it was agreed that, prior to any further action being taken, detailed proposals, including improvements to the playing field will be developed and discussed with immediate neighbours and interested parties.

The other four sites consulted on have been withdrawn and put back on the council’s Asset Register. The Palm Bay Recreation Ground was taken off, because of concerns about the loss of playing fields and car boot market space. After questions were raised about the environmental impact and the heritage of the land at Western Undercliff, including the Chine access from Royal Esplanade, Ramsgate, this was also removed. There will also be further consultation with English Nature and English Heritage.

Following concerns from local groups, currently occupying land at Hartsdown Sports Centre, Margate, this site was also removed, pending the development of a new policy, which is being drawn up for working with community groups. Land at 39 Nelson Place, Broadstairs was withdrawn because of questions over covenants. A fifth site, at Hopeville Avenue, St. Peter’s, was withdrawn for the same reason, before the consultation began.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “We’ve heard what people have said to us during this consultation and we’ve responded to those comments. That’s led to four sites from this year’s asset disposals being withdrawn and additional recommendations being made on some of the other sites and shows the importance that the council gives to consultation and listening to its residents.”

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