Friday 3 September 2010

Cllr Ewen Cameron Resigns Conservative Whip

Councillor Ewen Cameron, the Conservative District Councillor for Bradstowe Ward in Broadstairs, has today resigned the Conservative whip. This decision was taken by Cllr Cameron, following the recent publicity surrounding a police charge of being in charge of a motor vehicle while above the alcohol limit and relates to an incident that occurred in August.

With less than a year until the next district elections, Cllr Cameron has stated that he does not plan to contest his council seat in May 2011 and will, until then, represent his ward as an independent councillor.

Commenting on Cllr Cameron’s Decision, Conservative Group spokesman, Cllr Simon Moores said:

‘Cllr Cameron has worked tirelessly for the people of Bradstowe ward in the time since he was elected as a District Councillor and has made an important contribution to council business, calling on his expert skills as an economist as a member of the council’s Finance & Audit Committee. However the charges he faces are serious and incompatible with his membership of the Conservative group. In such circumstances, Cllr Cameron has shown characteristic integrity and acted quite correctly in resigning the Conservative whip while he awaits the outcome of the legal process.’


  1. I wonder if he will behave like Tory Roger Latchford and change his mind (over not standing again) when the heat dies down. It was Latchford who got caught sharing an apparently racist joke via email and said he would not be standing for the Council for "family reasons". Then he got cleared and, hey, the family reasons disappeared - and he stood and got elected. Typical Tory lies and deceptions.

  2. I think the comments by "anonymous" should have been appended to a story concerning Mr Latchford and not Mr Cameron who I have found to be an honourable and decent man.
    To tar all people of the same political affiliations with the same brush is unfair.
    Personally I find Mr Cameron's plight sad and wish him well for his recovery.

    SF - Hertfordshire


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