Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Labour denies effective help to St Peter’s residents

The Labour Party have voted down requests for help from the residents of St Peter’s in their ongoing battle against the unchecked spread of HMO's across their area. Instead, Labour chose to rely on an interim measure, with a range of only 100 yards, to combat the spread of HMO's across many parts of the village.

Communities Shadow Cabinet Member Cllr Chris Wells stated:  it was the previous Conservative administration which brought in an Article 4 direction to control just these elements that disrupt people's lives and peace of mind. It is not being used effectively; not being applied thoroughly; and residents of the area are truly angry at the laissez faire attitude of the current Labour Cabinet. The powers are there, and can be added to, as has been done by other, more listening councils across the country. Once again, the arrogance of the Labour Cabinet assures they ignore residents’ wishes."

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