Friday, 14 March 2014

Complaint to the Police

Today I have submitted a complaint to the Serious Economic Crime Unit of the Kent and Essex Police regarding possible misconduct in public office by a senior Thanet Council officer in relation to a planning application submitted by East Kent Opportunities LLP for development of 550 houses on land adjacent to the New Haine Road.

Councillor Ian Driver, Green Party.


  1. Does this really constitute a press release or is it simply a veiled innuendo? There is no substance, simply an allegation of wrong doing to further smear all the officers of TDC since no one is identified. Why not wait until any investigation reveals its results or would that spoil the chance for yet another, get my name in print, publicity opportunity?

    1. Gazette (online at least) is reporting McGonigal is the officer and quotes part of an email.


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