Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pleasurama emails press release from Cllr Ian Driver,

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Ian Driver
To: Sue McGonigal
Sent: Sunday, 10 February 2013, 10:07
Subject: Selection of SFP Ventures as Royal Sands Developer etc 

Dear Sue and Mark
I would be very grateful if you could provide me with copies of all the documents related to the selection SFP as the developers of the Royal Sands project.
understand that there were two organisations in contention for the project and that a decision was made in 2002.
Could you let me have copies of all officer reports, recommendations and bidder evaluations related to this matter. I would also like to see copies of the selection criteria used by Councillors to decide which organsiation would be succesful,  and the score/ evaluation sheets used by Councillors  to make their decision.
I assume that because this is a major multi-£million project such records will be held be the Council or by the lawyers acting for the Council on this matter.
I would also be grateful if you could also  advise me whether any ex-Thanet Council staff members, or serving or ex-Councillors have to your knowledge been associated with SFP and its work at Royal Sands, or have been associated with companies linked to the SFP project, e.g. Terence Painter Estate Agents or Cardy  Construction.
I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.
Yours sincerely
Councillor Ian Driver
Chairman of OSP 

From: Ian Driver
To: Sue McGonigal Harvey Patterson
Sent: Sunday, 10 February 2013, 12:47
Subject: Pleasurama Development various issues 

Dear Ms McGonigal
The January 2005 Audit Commission "Pleasurama Site Project: Follow-up Report" states that "The Audit Commission carried out an investigation in 2001/02 into issues relating to theCouncil’s handling of the disposal of the Pleasurama site in Ramsgate. During the course of the investigation, we identified a number of weaknesses in the Council’s arrangements whichcould have had serious repercussions. We made a number of recommendations to the council to strengthen the corporate governance arrangements, which we set out in an action plan"
I would be grateful if you could forward me  a copy of the original Audit Commission report into the Pleasurama site, on which the 2005 follow up report is based. I would also like a copy of the Audit Commission's Action Plan. 
On another matter. I understand that SFP Ventures has provided a £1million deposit to the Council instead of the originally agreed £5.6 million performance bond. Could you tell in whichbank this deposit is held and who controls the bank account in which the deposit is held. Could you tell me what happens to the interest which the £1million deposit is making. Please tell me also, the mechanism by which the Council can claim the £1million if it becomes forfeit and the circumstances in which the the developers can gain access to the deposit.
Finally can you tell me when the Council last secured an independent valuation on the Pleasuarama site. Could you let me know what the valuation was and let me have a copy of the valuers document.
I look forward to hearing from you on these matters
Yours sincerely  
Ian Driver
Chairman OSP  


  1. All great questions, and questions which every single councillor should been asking. The fact that they have not been asking these questions is a sad indictment of the extent to which Thanet's councillors put their parties ahead of the interests of the towns and their taxpayers. I would like to see ALL councillors getting behind Mr.Driver and demanding the truth about this development, however ugly and politically incriminating that truth may be.

  2. I don't think Ian will be getting much help from Old Moores judging by his latest post on the Thanet get a Life blog.

    1. Peter
      Some politicians would let a murderer back in to their party without showing any remorse if they hated the victim's life style enough, so what makes you think they will break party lines to support Ian.

      However, I do hear that Roger 'Icke' Gale is blaming the Pleasurama situation on gay reptilians

    2. No, I don't seriously believe that any cllrs are going to go out of their way to help Ian Driver, as they're all too self-interested. I mentioned Moores as today he is giving his "informed professional opinion" (his words) on this very subject...

    3. He'll be telling us how much it will cost to reopen Margate Caves next!

  3. Ian,

    From past experience you will have to wait probably for ever before your requests are complied with. I trust you have submitted formal FOI requests as well so that you can refer any failure to comply with your requests to the Information Commissioner. The mechanisms to suppress information under Captain Darling, who had the audacity to interrogate Simon Moores, are limitless. Best of luck.

  4. It looks like the previous chair persons of the OSP could not see beyound the end of their noses as far as this project is concerned. There seem to have been transactions between TDC and SFP that are not relected in their accounts otherwise items such as the bond would be shown as an asset in their accounts.

  5. I have criticised Mr Driver in the recent past for a lack of action. I now withdraw these comments and would like to wish him well in his endeavours to get his questions answered. If he can weed out any dodgy dealings and expose any wrong doings, I hope he will report them to the police (not the Police Commissioner, another White Elephant).
    Good Luck Mr Driver, you have my vote already

    1. How can he have your vote when you have no idea which ward, if any, he will be standing in or for which party. Don't tell me, you are planning to move house to wherever he goes just so he can have your vote. Such loyalty would be truly admirable if it wasn't so silly.

  6. All the more important for scrutiny of Pleasurama with what seems to have happened with the Portas money and 0% salary.

    1. What is the 0% salary? Please explain.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Anon, the only likely result of accusing named councillors and named council officers of fraud without any information to substantiate it here, would be to get this blog closed, which is I am sure your intention.

      Further comments of this nature will result in action from that will make it difficult for you to use google blogs.


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