Monday, 11 February 2013

Labour Budget Changes – Opportunity to REDUCE Council Tax Missed

The Thanet District Council Labour administration have missed a rare opportunity to REDUCE the level of Council Tax paid by Thanet residents in the new financial year.

Funding provided to the Council by the Conservative lead coalition for the 2013/14 budget had allowed for a 3rd year in a row of nil Council Tax increase, but as always the Labour administration have chosen to add unnecessary spending to the budget; the equivalent of 2% Council Tax.

Martin Wise, Shadow Member for Finance, stated “Labour have added “nice to have” spending to the Council’s costs, including to confirm the 4.8% increase to the allowance they awarded themselves last year, rather than to give something back to Thanet residents. There is no justifiable reason why the Council Tax could not have been reduced by 2%, a relatively small sum in monetary terms, but hugely significant as a matter of principle”.

“The reason our country is saddled with a huge annual financial deficit for which we are all now paying, is that Labour racked up public spending to unsustainable levels with exactly the kind of “nice to have” spending we are seeing in Thanet District Council’s spending”.

“There is no reason why new spending should be added in these difficult times, especially when all it does is to make life more comfortable for the Labour cabinet or Council officers”.


  1. Excuse me but the conservatives have very short memories. There were in charge at TDC for 8 years and it was them that spent the ample funds given to them by central government. Nobody twisted their arms and they could have reduced local taxes when the funds were flowing Thane'ts way. It would have been a lot easier under labour's generosity. But they didnt. They were the ones that gave the leaving chief exec a rise so that his pension was enhanced and then gave him an obscence pay off when all they had to do was wait a few months and he could have just retired. It was the cons that entered into a partnership with KCC at EKO and TDC have now been saddled with a £2.5 millions debt which they dont have to pay for the road and EKO limps on.
    So this press release without any meat on it is second rate and another from the sour grapes brigade.

    1. My, somebody has swallowed the party press release hook, line and sinker. No mention of funds being grabbed from southern districts to push the way of Labour heartlands up north. Labour generosity, you really could not make it up if you tried. How about employing a regeneration wizard, when times are hard, on mega bucks and then paying him off six months later. Same old spend what we haven't got Labour.


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