Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ian Driver, Statement about Great Wall of Ramsgate

I am sad and angry about the wanton vandalism and destruction of the paintings on the Great Wall of Ramsgate.
This act of vandalism is totally indefensible and unacceptable. I hope the culprit is caught.
I have made my views about graffiti clear on my blogsite. I support graffiti as an art form and as a means of political and social comment.
I stand by these views and will not change them.
The damage to the paintings on the wall is vandalism. It is not graffiti
I do not and never have encouraged vandalism
I condemn the vandalism to the wall
I also condemn those people who have used  this terrible incident to  distract attention from the vandalism  hidden by the Great Wall of Ramsgate  - the decade old vandalism to a prime seafrontlocation know as the Pleasurama Development.
100s of people from  Ramsgate have expressed their anger about this unaccepable decade old vandalsim to their seafront.
To try to exploit this awful incident for political or other purposes is pathetic, dishonest and insulting to the people of Ramsgate.
Ian Driver 19/02/2013


  1. Hardly Driver! What is pathetic, dishonest and insulting is YOU trying to back away from your usual bluster and bullshit, when it has clearly and demonstrably caused harm to people and their property, and not for the 1st time!

    Shame on you Driver, find some backbone and decency and resign before you cause further damage to whatever other worthy cause you curse with your opportunist BS!

    Lets remond ourselves of Driver's comments;

    "Personally I support grafiti & think there should more of it! Since writing began 20-30,000 years ago people have been drawing and writing on walls. It's human nature. You can't stop it. Grafiti can be incredibly funny and it can also be highly political, helping to bring down tyrants. It can also be very artistic too. Think Banksy!. So I fully support the anti-Pleasurama grafiti which has appeared on the Great wall of Ramsgate. It's in the right place at the right time and there should be more of it to expose the scandal behind the wall."

  2. Hear, hear, John, like you can control the criminal fraternity once you unleash them as so many other rabble rousers through the ages have found to their cost.

  3. Good for Driver - and this grafitti highlights the stale politics, corruption and ignorant debate on thanet's future. A tatty hoarding around a corruption site is not a feature we can be proud of. And these blogs are tainted by the bullshit statements of people like Clarke.

    Every painting should be painted over or removed until the hoarding is removed and the Pleasurama promenade reopened. Pleasurama is dead let the discussion on the future begin.

    1. So, 16:27, you applaud Driver's action in calling for graffiti resulting in the vandalism of the paintings. Bit tough on the artists who tried to brighten up an otherwise depressing site, but, with people like you and Driver about, I guess depression is all Thanet has to look forward to now.
      Perhaps you should form a party with Driver and take over TDC next time, after all, you are bound to have at least two votes.

    2. So, Cllr Driver, it is OK in your book for you to encourage a criminal act, but when is happens you squirm. Whether this was someone taking you at your word and engaging in a bit of vandalism or whether it was someone grabbing the opportunity to try to discredit you, the buck still stops with you. I also find it highly hypocritical of you to accuse others of exploiting the situation for political purposes. When did you ever shy away from exploiting all and everything for political purposes?

      The fact remains that an elected representative encouraged criminal behaviour and that is totally unacceptable.

    3. As one of the artists i'm a rather ashamed of Ian Driver and anonymous 16:27 ( always worrying when people hide). I did my bit to help brighten up the seafront and applaud Gerry Gerry o' Donnell and his team for many hours of tireless commitment to this brilliant project. I'm sure these small minded people will only fuel Gerry, his team and the brilliant artists to greater heights.

    4. I am with you, Mo, and applaud the work that you and other artists did to brighten up the place. Ian driver should be ashamed of himself, but he is of that no blame fraternity that always pass the buck onto others whilst 16:27 is typical of the kind of moron he attracts in his support. I sincerely hope that Gerry and team can restore the project in time for the coming season and that the perpetrator is brought to book along with Driver for aiding and abetting.

    5. Its rich you idiots calling for Driver to resign when you failed to demand the resignation of convicted drink driving councillors, councillors convicted of animal abuse, and councillors warned by the police for leaving homophobic messages. What you gonna say if your ex-leader is found guilty next week? Resign? I bet you dont. Its clear to me that you are a bunch of sad hypocrites. I'd rather have one Driver than 100 of you lot.

    6. It is quite obvious whose disciple you are, 20:49, for you call all who disagree with you names, everyone except you is an idiot. The politics of bluster, shouting and name calling is clearly what you applaud.

      Well you have your one Driver and enjoy, but, just for laughs, why don't you ask him what he is going to do about the missing monitors, polluted aquifer, Thor contamination, 0% salaraies and uncollected air movement fines. If you can get the cameras there I am sure he will be only too happy to oblige.


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