Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Waste and recycling collections are underway, with crews aiming to collect as much as they safely can from properties across Thanet.

The crews will consider whether they can safely negotiate roads with the 26 ton refuse freighters without getting stuck or causing an accident. This may mean that they are only able to visit roads which have already been gritted, which include main roads and bus routes.

Cllr. Alan Poole, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “We will collect as much as we safely can today, but our crews will be using their knowledge and experience to judge which properties they can get to. We’ve said all along that we don’t want to risk an accident with one of our trucks or our staff, so please bear with us if we’re not able to make it to your road today. I can assure people that we will be doing as much as is possible today, given the condition of some of the side roads.”

The council’s cleansing crews are out clearing litter and emptying dog bins. They will also be picking up dumped black sacks and other waste and will be helping to grit various areas across Thanet. The teams will be using around eight tonnes of grit and salt to target high profile areas, including car parks and places with high footfall, like town centres.

Advice for those who were due collections on Monday 6 February
If you are on a wheeled bin collection, please keep your bin outside and the council will aim to collect this as soon as possible during the rest of the week.

For those on black sack or blue recycling bag collections on Monday 6 February, please take these inside to stop animals or seagulls attacking them and do not leave them outside overnight. Please put your bags back out for collection from 6.00 am on Tuesday 7 February and we will do our best to collect them today. If they are not collected today, please take them back in and put them out tomorrow.

With paper and cardboard collections, please take these inside and keep them until the next scheduled collection. If you are due to have your green garden waste bin collected, please keep it outside and the council will collect it as soon as possible during the next few days. For anyone due to have a clinical waste collection today, please take your clinical sack back indoors and put it out for collection next Monday 13 February when we will make a double collection.

Advice for those who are due collections on Tuesday 7 February
If you due to have your waste or recycling collected on Tuesday 7 February, please put it out as normal.

Latest updates on disruption to collections are available on the council’s website at www.thanet.gov.uk and by calling 01843 577115. Gritting of all public roads in Thanet is carried out by Kent County Council. For full details of the gritting service being provided in Thanet, please visit Kent County Council’s website at www.kent.gov.uk or call 08458 247 247.

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