Friday, 17 February 2012


A unique new social events and dining company has been formed to cater for people with an appetite for meeting as well as eating.
Called “Mostly Lime”, people meet at restaurants across the Isle and it’s fast becoming a major networking and socialising focus for the community.
“It is amazing how it’s taken off,” said one of the Directors, Vicky Lydford.  “Thanet has lots of good restaurants, and lots of people who like meeting new people, and dining out – that’s why, in essence, Mostly Lime, formerly The Dining Club, is doing so well.”
It all started two years ago. “Someone we knew was re-launching a restaurant and seeking local support in marketing the new venture” Mariette one of the founding members said. “To help them out, I and a group of friends contacted as many local people as we knew, to sample the food on a quiet Sunday night.
“We all enjoyed ourselves so much we decided to do it again. Two years later, the Sunday nights at restaurants have become a popular monthly event.  More than 250 people now want to know where we are eating next!”
And where did they get the name? “To lime is Caribbean slang meaning to hang out, relax, to chill out – and that’s what our members are mostly here to do.”
The main idea of the company is to enable diners to meet new people and sample more of what Thanet restaurants have to offer.
But the company also aims to support local businesses, Vicky said: “We always ask our diners for feedback after every event and we pass this onto the restaurant concerned. This means local businesses can raise their game and become part of a network of places which members will recommend to others.”

Ultimately, Vicky hopes, the company will have benefits for Thanet as a whole. “We believe that thriving local businesses, alongside a healthy networked community, result in the well-being and economic growth of the area in which we live.”
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  1. I've been to some of their events and they're great! The dinners are a bit like going to a good wedding - especially when it's at Quex Barn - but without all the getting married stuff first!

    1. Some have been excellent IF some of the members could act as if they are world class food critics and stop being so pompous. For what we pay the food and ambiance is usually superb so stop nitpicking please.

    2. I should have said STOP acting as if they are world class food critics apologies all!

  2. Dear Anonymous Feb 24 2012 07:51 and 07:53 - notwithstanding the fact that generally the venues, food, service and ambience have been of a fantastic standard. It might help us all to remember that members are ASKED to critique the food, ambience and facilities, not only for our enjoyment as a social group, but also to give local business the opportunity to "raise their game". Every discerning customer of any service or commodity has the right to express an opinion on said service or commodity. My impression is that everybody in the group is encouraged to express their critique positively. As a potential member, it is my hope that said critique is for the good of all, and not as a vehicle to express negativity...aimed either at each other for said expression, or at the organisers efforts, or the chosen venues/events.
    A Very appreciative Arlene


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