Thursday, 24 December 2009


A new plan, that aims to get more people in Thanet active in both sport and recreation, has been approved. The new Sport and Active Recreation Strategy and Sports Facilities Improvement Plan aims to encourage people to develop healthy lifestyles, increase opportunities for getting involved with sport, improve sports facilities in Thanet and raise the profile of sport and active recreation.

Less than a fifth of people in Thanet take part in at least three 30 minute moderate activity sessions each week, much lower than the national, regional and Kent averages. The new strategy is aiming to get the message out to local people about the importance of sport and the many benefits of getting active.

Figures also show that only 58.7% of Thanet residents are satisfied with sports facilities locally, whereas the figure nationally is 69.5%. As a result, work has been done with Sport England on a new Sports Facilities Improvement Plan. It looks at the current and future levels required of 12 different types of sports facilities in the area, including athletics tracks, sports halls, multi-use games areas and golf courses. Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson,

Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “The health of local people is one of the council’s key priorities. Encouraging residents to get more involved in sport and active recreation is one way of helping to improve people’s health. To do that, we need to promote what’s available here in Thanet and ensure we have good quality facilities for people to enjoy.

The next few years will also present us with huge opportunities, particularly with the Olympics in London in 2012 and the football and rugby world cups. Our Sport Matters team already do a great job of working with local people to get them more involved in sport and this strategy will help to take that excellent work forward.”

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